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  1. Husky (details introduction)
    Is we know that ordinary dogs eat like they are always full. If they do not give it, it will even come over to grab. So if the Husky dog ​​does not eat, then we have to pay attention to, what is the reason that they are not interested in food. Generally, if a dog does not eat, we must first consider two points to pick eaters and illness.
    Is when Husky dogs do not eat, do we pay attention to their spirit is not good? Is there a nose runny nose? If there is, pay attention to whether the snot is water, or pus or color, is there any sneezing and cough, whether the body temperature is normal, and whether there is a diarrhea. Diseases lead to loss of appetite and should be sent to the hospital immediately for treatment.
    It is due to the reason for picky eaters. This has a lot to do with the feeding habits of flat time. If you always give it food that people eat, then some things may not attract its attention at all. This leads to not eating.
    The may also cause dogs to not eat, that is, there are foreign objects stuck in their throat, which makes the food difficult to swallow, so that they do not want to eat. So how do we judge whether there is a foreign body in the throat? If they usually have cough, they feel that they want to spit out but can't spit it out, and they don't even drink water except for food, then it is likely that there are foreign objects stuck in the throat. For this situation Go out of the foreign body out of the hospital.
    The reason why the Husky dog ​​does not eat through the above content can summarize three points, that is, picky eaters, diseases, and throat stuck foreign objects. In addition to picky eaters to change through living habits, the other two points are the most. A good solution is to bring them to the hospital for examination and processing. Do not deal with it blindly, causing unnecessary damage.

  2. Dogs are not interested in food, slowering, and reduced feeding when they are not interested in food.

    In anorexia is nothing more than two cases: one is physiological anorexia. It is found in the period of the dog's dental conversion, before the estrus, pregnancy response, and before giving birth. It's normal. The other is disease -based anorexia. It is the initial symptom of the disease. It is often accompanied by other symptoms, such as fever, vomiting, dilute, cough, abdominal pain, etc. It is found in the initial stage of infectious diseases such as excessive feeding, stomatitis, dental disease, gastrointestinal disease, dog disease, small virus enteritis, coronary virus, rotavirus, and Salmonella.

    Generally speaking, physiological anorexia can be ignored, or only increases the palatability of food. If you originate from overeating, excessive food, or not digestible food, you can give drugs that help digestion, such as 1-2 capsules of polyase tablets, 0.5 to 1g of gastase enzymes, 40,000 to 80,000, orally, orally, orally At the same time, fasting for 24-36 hours. Aorexia for diseases is mainly for treating drugs that help digestion.

    If the baby in your home recently has begun to decrease, first of all, you should observe whether it is sick, and the illness must be cured. It is relatively easy to eliminate the factors that eliminate the disease. Two methods:

    . First, hungry your dog first, let it stop eating for 24 hours. During the stop of food, you can restore your appetite the next day. In order to ensure its vigorous appetite, food can be stopped for one day every week.

    . Strengthen physical exercise and increase the amount of dog exercise. Generally, small play dogs only need to prepare more toys at home. For example, dogs bite glue and pull rope for playing exercise. Usually, they tease their running and jumping to meet their exercise volume. However, large dogs must go outdoors, especially hounds of dogs. The ancestors are hunting and lived. They are accustomed to fierce exercise and let them run at least 5-10 kilometers a day. I personally think that walking dogs is a good way. Running with the dog, it not only exercised the dog and exercised itself; the dog's appetite increased, and his weight was reduced, two birds with one stone!

  3. Pay content for time limit to check for freenAnswer dogs are carnivores. Dogs are distributed around the world. When they live in groups, they also have a "hierarchical system", which can maintain the stability of the entire group and reduce the fighting and war caused by the struggle of food, living space and the opposite sex. Dogs have a territory habit, they have a certain range of themselves, and they are protected to prevent other animals from invading. The dog's eyeball crystals are relatively large, deforming like a horse's eyeball.nThe life of the dog is around 12 years old. Your dog is 10 years old, and it is particularly old. In this case, it is possible to treat it.nIt is too old, and the old and sick are the laws of nature.nCan I use some medicines and can make it take things?nAnswer to eat it better, give it conservative treatment, and let it finish the last journey of life. In this case, taking medicine is no longer effective.nI want to give it better, but it doesn’t eat at allnAnswer to rest for a while and let it rest.n5 morenBleak

  4. What happened to the puppy without eating?

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  5. Dogs do not like to eat, it depends on the specific reasons and specific analysis. Common causes are picky food, foreign body, poor stomach, organs damage.

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