1 thought on “Will dogs eat meat only cause malnutrition?”

  1. Dogs only eat meat can cause malnutrition. Dogs only eat meat for a long time can easily cause malnutrition and nutritional imbalance. Nutrition is very serious for dogs, and their physical growth and health will be seriously affected.
    Wen pet dogs advocate "scientific breeding", and we must pay attention to the choice and matching of food when raising dogs. The purpose is to ensure the diversification of the dog's food, rich nutrition, and meet the needs of dog growth. Essence In life, you can choose to use dog food to raise pet dogs. Of course, you can also choose some fresh ingredients from dog foods to raise pet dogs.
    The dietary precautions
    The quality and digestible protein ingredients are used as much as possible; adding fatty acids (fish oil and linen seed oil) with anti -inflammatory effects to food and digestive enzymes that promote protein decomposition; appropriately supplement vitamins and vitamins and Minerals, especially B vitamins and vitamin C.
    . Although the dog grows up after the dog, the dog has grown up, most dogs suffer from fudge intolerance after adulthood. After the dog is eaten by mistake, vomiting, diarrhea and other digestive tract diseases will occur. Although there is no danger to life, it is easy to cause severe bacterial infections.

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