4 thoughts on “There are so many stray dogs in the community. How should this should be dealt with?”

  1. There are so many stray dogs in the community. How should this should be dealt with?
    Why are there more and more stray dogs, who made it? The first is caused by the dog breeding field. In order to feed a lot of cubs for dogs, a few nests of nests in a year, and the dogs cannot have children in the end. Just throw the dog on the street or send it to the dog meat restaurant. Bad dogs throw away, throw away, and breed, causing a vicious circle, more and more dogs! The management is not good, only the stray dogs are killed, and the dog exercise several times a year, but this dog is not governance from the root cause, but kills more, but we do not punish bad dog owners and cannot pass the dogs. This is lazy politics! Why are there no stray dogs in many foreign countries? For example, in Germany, people have strict laws for dog owners, so they cherish dogs. Germany's dogs are the happiest, without fat or euthanasia! And what about us? It is necessary to ban the dog breeding field, and abandon the dog's heavy penalty, control the dog, kill the dog, and transfer it to punish the bad dog owner. Everything is solved!
    First of all, the pet shops that are desperate to breed wantonly, they cannot be sold, and they cannot be thrown away in large numbers. I don't think it is also the flesh and blood. The abandonment, illness, exhaustion, and yelling of unscrupulous dog breeders. Both can be a reason to abandon them. Many people moved away when they were demolished, but they stayed in place and waited with their eyes. There are also a lot of poor people who do not grab the rope and run around themselves, and they can no longer find the loss. Due to various reasons that lead to increased stray dogs, relevant national departments must start from the actual source, and adopt irresponsive behaviors such as closing the breeding field, abandoning legislation severe punishment, and injury. The government has set up an containment agency, and the existing stray dogs are sterilized and encouraged citizens to adopt instead of buying. Eliminate illegal industries with cats and dogs. It is believed that if government departments can achieve realistic, serious, correct medicine and pragmatic rule, the effect will immediately appear! The intervention of government departments is very important. Ignore the flood of the birthplace again, the cruelty at the form of form, and the self -destruction of self -flow ~ It can only be said that this is not only the sadness of innocent animals, but also the disaster of a kind civilian rescuer!

  2. I think the property of the community should be notified in time to place these stray dogs in a timely manner. Do not let them run around in the community. When encountering these stray dogs, try to avoid them.

  3. In this case, you can call the property as soon as possible and deal with the property of the property, so that these dogs will have a good place for placement.

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