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  1. Prepare the wool and hook needles and start the needle. Put the wool on the finger for 2 laps, and then hook 3 braid needles.
    In 14 long needles in the coil. Complete the first lap and then get 3 braid needles.
    The second lap, 2 long needles in each braid. The head and tail are connected, the drawing needle is over, and 3 braid needles are hooked.
    The third circle, repeat the hook of the second lap to complete the third lap.
    The fourth lap, the 3 braid needles start, and then hook a long needle in the hole of the braid needle, which is 2 long needles; then continue to hook a long needle in the front of the braid, and then braid in front Two long needles in the hook. Just repeat the operation to complete the fourth lap.
    The fifth circle, after 3 braid needles, a long needle is hooked in each braid, and this circle is hooked.
    The sixth circle, hook 3 braid needles, hook 3 long needles in 2 braids, and then hook 2 braid needles; then two braids, hook 3 long needles in the third braid needle, 3 long needles in the third braid needle Then repeat the operation to hook this circle.
    In lap after the seventh circle, repeat the sixth circle of flying hooks. Always hook to the main length.

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