What ways can you check if there are parasites on the dog?

What manifestations and symptoms of dogs are related to parasites?

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  1. I. Adult dog medical examination items
    1. Conventional inspection: The inspection items are the facial features and the internal and intra -mouth, the health status of the hair, the health of the skin, heart rate, blood pressure, breathing, and body temperature.
    The charge: about 50 yuan (doctor's diagnosis).
    2. Blood examination: It is mainly blood tests. Blood testing is one of the health tests after basic science test. It can detect whether various cell values ​​in the blood are normal. The ratio of CBC (the proportion of red and white cells is used to determine whether the body is anemia, bacterial virus infection, parasitic infection, etc.). Hemathematics test (to determine whether the organs in the body, such as the liver, kidney, pancreas, etc. there are functional abnormalities, and determine whether there are abnormalities in ions, blood glucose, and blood lipid protein in the blood).
    The charge: about 300 yuan.
    3. Incision: Determine whether the dog has suffered from dysfunction, parasites or digestive tract disorders such as digestive flora, or digestive tract disorders. If the dog usually has a normal diet and has not occurred in the absence of indigestion, this item can be selected as appropriate.
    The charge: about 80 yuan.
    4. X -ray examination: You can check the dog's internal organs and bones by imaging.
    The charge: According to the dog's specific body shape and body, it is generally required for 2 films, about 160 yuan-240 yuan.
    5. Ultrasonic examination: Check whether the dog's internal organs have morphological changes and functional abnormalities from the perspective of imaging. Whether there are foreign bodies, the thickness of the bladder, the filling of the bladder, and whether there are stones.
    The charge: about 300 yuan.
    6. Urine examination: Determine whether the dog's urinary system has infection, stones, or what is the poisoning of the body. This item can do B time in the dog, perform bladder puncture, and extract urine for urine examination.
    The charge: about 100 yuan.
    . Children (dogs under 1 age)
    The general examination items for young dogs include routine inspection, national blood globe CBC, rapid testing of infectious diseases, feces, and X -ray examinations.
    1. All blood globe CBC: Because young dogs are more common in parasites, immune defects, and the problems of respiratory tract, digestive tract infection, blood tests can find whether anemia or infected bacteria.
    2. Common infectious disease examination. For young dogs, viral infectious diseases are very lethal and have high lethality. If it is a dog just started, it is recommended to perform rapid testing and inspection of infectious diseases. Common dogs infectious diseases include dog plague and small.
    3. Stool examination: young dog parasitic infection is very common, and it is also prone to indigestion and bacterial infection. So you can understand whether the dog is infected with parasites and what parasites are infected.
    4. X -ray inspection: For young dogs of different varieties, you can do some corresponding bone examinations to see if there are congenital defects of certain species. For example, VIPs and Chihuahua are susceptible to knee development. Large dogs such as German Mu and Golden Retriever are prone to dysplasia of hip joints. These must be diagnosed through doctors' palpation and X -rays.
    . The aging dog (dogs over 7 years old)
    In addition to the inspection of adult dogs, the inspection of X -ray focuses on the degenerative changes of the bones, especially small and medium -sized dogs, such as Xishi, and Xishi, such as Xishi, and in the past Beijing dogs often have disc herniation problems. The B -ultrasound can check the cardiopulmonary function and whether there is tumor with the internal organs. Old dogs are recommended to have a medical examination every six months.

  2. In what ways you can check if there are parasites on the dog. This is too simple, you can see it on your body. If you say that there are parasites in your body, this is difficult to do. Seeing you dressed this pet dog so beautifully. The hair is so slippery and smooth. Of course, no parasites are on the body.

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