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  1. Don't hit it anymore, you can only make a dog. Your current request is exactly the opposite of the conditional reflex it it forms in the growth stage. If you want it to be a housekeeping, you must gradually restore its wildness, but it has been completely scared. I suggest you not rush to achieve success, or start with basic obedience training. The course below is considered a mid -level. The training of home nursing centers is to use dogs to look at home care homes to protect our own property and personal safety. It is an effective method that we human beings have already mastered. According to relevant information, using dogs to look at home nursing homes abroad, manor is already a very popular and effective means. So with the rapid development of my country's economy and the increase of private villas, there are also major criminal cases caused by some invasion of private territory. In response to this situation, Professor Li Jiannan, the Department of Police Technology of the China Criminal Police Academy, combined the national conditions of our country and also taught some targeted training methods. The specific methods are as follows: (1) The training method dog's home nursing home to protect property There are generally two methods for the cultivation of personal safety ability: one is to conduct special training to enable dogs to develop this ability; the other is to gradually form this ability in the process of individual life in the day after tomorrow. The former has a strong guardian ability and good effect; the latter has a long period of training and the effect is not good. There are also two ways to use the home guards of dogs: one is the embolism -type care, and the dog embolism is about to be seen in the important part of the nursing yard. The other is active care, which is about to be discharged from the cadre of the care. The two ways of use can be interspersed. During the day, the dog can be scattered in the courtyard at night to perform the care task. 1. Through special training, develop dogs to closely monitor the area of ​​care, timely discover sounds, light, and personnel activities, and reflect it with certain actions. It is required that the dogs are scattered in the courtyard, regardless of time, weather, seasonal changes, whether the owner is present, as long as there are abnormal movements in the courtyard or come to life, the dog can take the initiative to bark or fiercely bite the bite fiercely. Essence The dog's expression is barking and biting. This subject should be carried out on the basis of the ability to bite. Specific training methods can be carried out in two steps. Step 1: During the first training, you should choose to be tied or scattered in the centers of care at dawn or evening. The trainer and the trainer set up the training location, contact signal, etc., so that the trainer first hidden on the wall or at the door, and made an abnormal sound from the wall or at the door. The sound of the abnormal sound reacted (listened in ears, stood upright, etc.), the trainer should send out "attention" passwords, at the same time stroke dogs, encourage, help dogs bold, and reward with "good" passwords to improve Dogs are interested in abnormal sounds. There are three possibilities at this time. First, the dog can actively bark or attack. At this time, the dogs should be given full encouragement, help, and racing. In the second case, the dogs are scared when they hear the sound. The trainer stopped making a noise and asked him to withdraw quickly and take a look at the place where the original sound was. Seek for a while to adapt to dogs. After three or five days, it is trained again according to the original method, and the dog's guts are gradually increased. This kind of dog should usually strengthen the exercise that adapts to the environment, listen to various sounds, and look at various environments. In the third case, Inu Xin does not matter when the sound is sounded. At this time, the dog is not interested in the sound of the sound. Or the dog did not notice the sound. At this time, the trainer should be further made up and appeared at the same time. Holding the small tree strips to make the dog, so that the dog is interested in sound or dynamic. If you have an offense or barking, the trainer should help and shoot dogs immediately. The trainer was withdrawn, and at the same time, the trainer issued a "attack" password pursuit of the trainer to increase the dog's attention. Train three or four times a day in accordance with the above methods. When the dog has the initiative to attack, the trainer brought the cuffs, and the tracer's "attack" password for the dog to bite the trainer. The trainer can first install the dog attack. When the dog is about to be around, he pretends to run away in fear, let the dog chase, the trainer should reward the dog in time and send a "good" password. After a few days of training, the training time can be changed. When training dogs have offense at any time, you can enter the second step. That is, the trainer is not present, and the dog can also take the initiative to attack or bark. The second step is based on the above training. Through the above -mentioned training dogs, after the trainer was present, the trainer or abnormal sound response to an attack and gradually form a habit. The ultimate purpose of the training of this subject is that when the instructor has a foreign person who is not in the courtyard of the dogs, the instructor must have an offensive to prevent foreigners from entering the courtyard to protect the home. Specific training method: When the dog can actively attack or bark in the situation where the trainer is present, it will timely shoot to help the dogs, and then the trainer will be withdrawn. It should be discussed in advance. When the trainer enters the room or concealed, wait a moment to help the trainer reappear, and make strange movements or sounds, pretending to attack the dog, causing the dog's response to the trainer. When the trainer heard or saw that the dog had this reaction, he should immediately appear to make a dog and reward dog. And let the trainers retreat or hide quickly. After several methods of the above methods, when the dog can take the initiative to attack, the trainer can appropriately extend the time for rewarding dogs, and even when the instructor does not come out or is not present, the dog can keep barking or attacking strangers. Essence 2. Dogs gradually form their ability to look at home. Everyone knows that the dog has a kind of attachment to the owner, and there is a reaction to a bite drive to the living. In other words, in addition to the contact with the owner and the relevant personnel, the dogs are isolated from the world for a long time (within a certain range of home, home, and courtyard), and the dog gradually forms a habit of reaction to people. The ability of the nursing courtyard. However, in the process of forming this ability, if you don't pay attention, you may not make this ability. If outsiders, such as superiors, relatives and friends come to the hospital, the dogs say to him, and the owner is afraid to offend people about this situation. To this end, dogs and dogs are easily formed. In terms of situation, it is difficult for the light subjects to form. If the dogs are in the case, they will be afraid of the reaction results of the owner when they see outsiders, which will lose the ability of the dog's home nursing home. The owner must not be a dog, and he also wants to reward dogs appropriately. Because it is indeed playing a role in preventing others from here. In order to prevent accidents, the owner can tie the dogs and let people enter the hospital. In general, living people cannot be admitted to the hospital casually. (2) Pay attention to the problem 1. The choice of the trainer should be changed frequently. When there is no condition to replace the trainer, you should think the trainer changes the image (sometimes with a straw hat, sometimes draws Facebook, sometimes changes clothing and changes clothing and sometimes changes clothing. Change the tone, etc.). 2. During the training, the direction of the trainer should change frequently. At the initial training, assuming the sound of the enemy or the movement made by the enemy is larger, the sound of the later training or the movement made should be gradually smaller. 3. The interval between each training should be determined according to the age of the dog. Under normal circumstances, small dogs and weak dog training intervals are longer, while adult dogs and first dog training can be shorter. 4. If the dog cares for a long time, you can set up a simple activity dog ​​near the dog for the dog's rest and avoid the wind and rain, so as not to damage the body when the dog is activated for a long time. 5. This subject should be trained on the basis of the dog's ability to bite. In the later stage of training, according to the nature of the undergraduate purpose, you must train the dietary subjects to avoid poisoning by accidentally eating poison delivered by others in the work, and even cause serious consequences of death.

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