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  1. For the novice pet owner, the pets of pets always hold their hearts at all times, and they are very careful in everything. You do n’t have to worry about how to take care of the pet vaccine injection process and precautions. What is the vaccine injection process?

    . Generally speaking, when pets are at the age of February or so, the first vaccine can be injected, interval between 3 times, and 3 stitches in a row. The rabies vaccine is Inject it after the age of March. Take subcutaneous injection.
    What side effects after the vaccine injection

    1. The dog may increase in body temperature after the vaccine after the vaccine is hit. Generally, it will return to normal Worried, but remember that after the vaccine, you must not take a bath immediately, and it is easy to get sick.

    2. There may be drowsiness, poor mental, and decreased appetite. It is also a normal response. If you do not return to normal after 1-2 days, you must consider whether there are other diseases.

    3. Allergic reactions, dogs with redness, swelling and itching, frequent scratching faces, and shortness of breath, generally too much to use desensitization needles as soon as possible;

    1. Do not take a bath within a week, try not to take it out, do not contact other dogs.

    2, do not feed too much food, supplement the dog with sufficient water.

    3, if it is winter, be sure to keep warm. At this time, the dog is relatively weak.

    4. The dog did not resist before the vaccine was over. The immunity in the 1-2 needle has not reached 100 %.

    5. As the density of pet breeding increases now, although the dog is not going out, the owner may also bring back some viruses to transmit it to the dog. There are also many excretion of sick dogs in the external environment. 6. Pregnant dogs must not be injected with vaccines, which causes the risk of abortion of fetal fetuses. In addition, dogs too young are not suitable for injection of vaccines. Essence

    It dogs are relatively weak after the vaccine is playing, and the physical fitness is different. The symptoms of the occurrence are also different. The owner must take good care of it. Disinfection work.

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