2 thoughts on “Can I make money now?”

  1. Bitcoin investment is generally a long -term investment. If you can take it for a few years, you may get huge income
    for a short -term holding band. If there is no accurate judgment, it is likely to lose money. Selling can make money

  2. The concept of Bitcoin was initially proposed by Satoshi Nakamoto in 2008 and was officially born in 2009. It is a virtual encrypted digital currency in P2P form. Unlike all currencies, he does not want gold and silver banknotes. He is a numerical currency and can only exist in the form of electronics. Nn00:00 / 03: 0170% shortcut keys to describe space: Play / suspend ESC: exit full screen ↑: increased by 10% ↓: decreases by 10% →: Single fast forward 5 seconds studio Here you can drag no longer appear in the player settings to reopen the small window shortcut key description

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