3 thoughts on “I played Scan The Box today. The gold coins in it are gone. Can you buy it? How to buy it?”

  1. Are you talking about the stars inside?
    It if the star is not available, you can buy it again.
    In the interface of the "store" in the game, and you can see the purchase option after clicking the third icon "Star". There are five:
    Pay 0.99 knives: Double Stars
    0.99 Knife: 10,000 stars
    1.99 knife: 21,000 stars
    2.99 knife: 33,000 stars
    3.99 knife: 46,000 stars

  2. Before playing 15 levels, I have enough money to use
    to add the skills to play the survival mode
    1 to get a star score of about 150 stars 7696620

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