Why does SCAN IP in Oracle 11GR2 RAC take 3?

Thank you for your answer, I think you misunderstand what I mean, I know the Public IP, Private IP and VIP. I am talking about the fourth IP in 11GR2, called SCAN IP, I want to ask why SCAN IP needs to need Three, three are not three!

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  1. Each SCAN IP corresponds to a Scan IP Listener, and in order to improve its availability, the 3 Scan IP and its corresponding Scan IP Listener will be independently allocated to each node. If one of the nodes running SCAN IP in the cluster is abnormal, the remaining two normal SCAN IP nodes will automatically take over.

  2. One is a fixed IP, which basically only opens to the administrator
    . One is a virtual IP, which is the VIP in the hosts file. The third one is a private IP, which can also be called HeartBeat. It is specifically opened to verify that the survival of the cluster is not open to the public.

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