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  1. The MACD indicator is the use of fast (short -term) and slow (long -term) moving average and its convergence and separation signs to be calculated with double hundred heavy smooth calculations. According to the MACD developed by the moving average principle, one removes the defect of fake signals frequently issued by the mobile average, and the second will retain the effect of the mobile average.
    Therefore, the MACD indicator has the characteristics of average line trend, stability, stability, and other characteristics. It is an important technical analysis indicator used to determine the timing of buying and selling stocks.
    1, Diff, and DEA are all positive. DIFF breaks the DEA upward and buy signals.
    2, Diff, and DEA are negative, Diff fell below DEA, selling signals.
    3, DEA cable and K -line departs, and the market reversal signal.
    4, analyze the MACD columnar line, from red to green (positive and negative), sell signals; from green to red, buy signal.

    extension information

    In "MACD low -level secondary gold fork" to find short -term surge stocks. 1) MACD low -level golden fork may not be soaring stocks, but the probability and grasp of the "MACD low secondary golden fork" upside -down stocks is higher.
    (2) The probability of "MACD low -level secondary golden fork" is higher because of the "first golden fork", although the short offensive attacks again, causing another dead fork again. However, the short offense was defeated in front of the "second golden fork" of many parties. This causes the eruption of multi -force.
    (3) "MACD low -level secondary gold fork", if combined with the attack form of the K -line form, the credibility will be improved, and the trading hand disk will be easier to intervene. The "two yang eat one yin", and the day was mild, and the credibility of comprehensive research and judgment increased significantly. That is: "MACD low -level secondary gold fork" and K -line form and volume and price relationship can be considered to increase confidence.
    Reference materials: Baidu Encyclopedia-MACD indicator

  2. Smoothing Average
    macd (MOVING AVERAGE) Chinese Name: Smooth Different Movement average. It was published in the book of Systems and Forecasts in the Gerald Appel. The two smooth average of the two, calculate the difference between the two as the basis for the investigation and judgment.

    Diff line closing price short -term, long -term index smooth moving average between the difference
    DEA cable DIFF line M day index smooth moving average The difference from the DEA cable, color cylindrical lines
    parameters: Short (short -term), long (long -term), and M days, generally 12, 26, 9

    1. Diff and DEA are positive, Diff breaks the DEA upward and buy signals.
    2.diff, dea are negative, Diff fell below DEA, selling signals.
    3.DEA cable and the K line deviate, the market reversal signal.
    4. Analyze the MACD columnar line, from positive changes, sell signals; from negative to positive, buy signal.

  3. MACD is a smooth and moving average, and it is also a trend indicator of medium and long -term investment. This indicator is a parameter Calculating the difference between the difference between Diff (long) and DEA (short). When the difference is the timing of the time, it is strong, and the general stock price is gradually rising; when the difference is negative, it is weak, and the general stock price is gradually falling. ; According to this feature, it can be used as a trend of research and judgment. At the same time, combined with the form of Diff and DEA, it can be used as the basis for stock trading. The specific usage is to see the annotations of the indicator.

  4. The three parameters of MACD
    If you do not involve the formula calculation, just use it in the operation, it is not necessarily clear,

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