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  1. First of all, we need to understand the basic composition of MACD. From the graphics, the MACD is composed of two lines, one white line, and one yellow line, but in fact he is composed of three lines, but simplifies one EMA average, which reflects it. It reflects it. There are only two lines of DIF and DEA. DIF is called separation value, and DEA is called separation average. DIF is the core and DEA is auxiliary.

    It too professional words I don't want to continue to say, I just say it is easy to understand.

    MACD consists of three lines. The number of days of the three lines set by the system default is (12), (26), (9). We can understand that this is an indicator of the three moving average. Sky moving average, 26 represents the 26 -day moving average, 9 is 9 days on moving average, but we can only see the 12 and 26 moving average in the figure. For the 0 axis, he is a 60 -day moving average. He represents the multi -empty boundary line, and the MACD runs the market on the market as a multi -party market, and the following operation is the empty market.


    buying a gold fork is the most basic operating basis. The line passes through the yellow line from top to bottom as a dead fork), and if we simply use this to do the operation basis, it will find that it will lag behind the stock price performance. It is also necessary to wait for the stock price to fall. This is because the system's default 12, 26, 9, the data is large, and we can only do long -term reference. If we want to make it simultaneously at the stock price, we have to set the reference value low. , Set to 4, 9, 9, his keenness will be greatly improved. At this time, his response will be synchronized with the rise and fall of the stock price. For those who love short -term trading, you must use MACD as a basis for buying and selling. It changed to a small value and observed his golden fork for a sale.


    macd sometimes passivation, that is, long -term operation at high or low, DIF and EDA values ​​are kept above 90 or negative 90. At this time, it is generally realized that the stock price trends are clear, and they are in the phenomenon of over buying or oversold, accelerating the attack or accelerated decline. It was not until the sudden arrival of the Dayang Line or the Da Yin line changed the trend. If the stock price or the future price increase is not large when the high -level passivation occurs, you can buy it boldly and wait for the rise. This is one of the secrets of catching the big bull stocks. On the contrary, when low passivation is also when you are considering leaving the field.

    In short, the success rate will be higher than the general indicators. You must focus on the operation of its operation in the operation.

  2. The MACD index parameter setting only needs to be set according to the software's default settings, that is, 12, 26, and 9 parameters.
    MACD is called the index smooth and different moving average. It develops from the dual -mobile average. It minus the slow moving average from the fast moving average. It is more convenient to read. When MACD shifts from negative numbers to positive numbers, it is the signal of buying. When MACD shifts from positive numbers to negative numbers, it is a signal for selling.
    MACD changes at a large angle, indicating that the gap between the fast moving average and the slow moving average line is very rapid, representing a transformation of a market trend.
    This reminder: The above content is for reference only, without any suggestions. Stock investment fluctuates with the market, and it is possible to rise or fall. There are risks to enter the market, and investment needs to be cautious.
    The response time: 2021-04-07, please refer to the official website of Ping An Bank.
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  4. General software default values.
    MACD is a trend indicator. The effect on the short -term is not as good as the middle line. The shorter the trend indicator time, the worse the effect.
    It generally use universal parameters for the main force. Because most people use the default parameter, it is generally necessary to modify it deliberately.

  5. MACD is an improved moving average system (5th, 10th, 20th). So use the default value.
    The fast parameters take 12 days (half a month), and the slow parameters take 26 days (1 month). This is because the Chinese stock market was 6 trading days a week in the early days and average 26 trading days in January in January. After that, the transaction can now be changed to 10 and 22. But the basics are not much different, so it has not attracted attention and has been following it.
    If selection on the 5th and 22nd, MACD will become too sensitive and lose a certain meaning.

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