5 thoughts on “Emperor Daqing Tiancong Emperor Tai Chi 1627-1643 Does this coin exist, I have one.”

  1. Tiancong was the first year of the Qing Dynasty Emperor Taiji of the Qing Dynasty. From 1627 to 1636, a total of 10 years

  2. Modern crafts, reasons:
    1. Font use simplified characters are only available after the founding of New China;
    2. The age of AD is the matter after the Republic of China, and the AD method is used for coins. R n3. Emperor Taiji Life (1643) appeared on the currency all year round, and the guilty would be available;
    4. The twelve emperors on the back show that the coin must be later than the Republic of China;
    5. The four -claw dragon on the currency is used only for the people.

  3. Modern crafts. The Chinese AD law was adopted since 1949. The Qing Dynasty used the year of the Emperor's year, such as the 20th year of Kangxi, 60 years of Qianlong, etc., and will not be written in 1681 and 1795.

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