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  1. The five emperor coins refer to the five coins of the five prosperous periods of the Qing Dynasty "Shunzhi", "Kangxi", "Yongzheng", "Qianlong", and "Jiaqing". Therefore, it has the effects of prosperity, turning evil, and town houses.
    The five emperor coins can change their luck, but not ordinary five emperor coins, because the five emperors must be treated with light to be effective. The five emperors are auspicious evils with great strength. We can borrow the five copper coins of its "king's gas" to cooperate with the color of the five elements -yellow Chinese knots to promote it, and need to be transformed through the purification, incense, renewal, and sun and moon stars. We can hang the "Five Emperor Coins" on the door or place it under the threshold in order to become good.
    If in the mascot of Feng Shui, the "Five Emperor Coins" is quite easy to use. One is strong enough, the other is beautiful, and the third is economical. Regardless of the feng shui, there is a very good effect of avoiding the murderer in terms of any flushing, making money, and peace .... Therefore, we suggest that the house can be decorated with "five emperor currency" as possible. Especially for the wealth of wealth, living room, decoration on the door, office, decoration inside the car, etc., all have quite good feng shui spiritual power.
    The five emperor coins can be placed in the threshold, which can block the sharp corners, flying blade, guns, anti -bow evils, and opening evil; Be sure to pay attention when you place it: the text faces up, and the characters are facing inward. Putting on the body can avoid evil, not harassed by evil spirits, or wrapped in a sealed packaging, or hanging on the neck with a yellow rope to increase your luck. 1. What evils can the "Five Emperor Coins" resolve?
    1. Flying Blade Emperor ─ It is the corner of the corner.
    2. The gun shake — that is, the out -of -door criminals rushed straight, the screen was placed, and the screen was wasteing the indoor space. The bead curtain was inconvenient.
    3. Anti -bow sham —— The house consumes wealth to the anti -bow road. If you hope that the ground is not taken away by the anti -bow road, you can also hide the next five emperor coins in the threshold.
    4. Operations -that is, the lift is rushing to the door, which means that the family's health will have problems. The solution method is as above.

    . In addition to the usefulness of the five emperor coins, the luck of people can also have a good impact on people's luck:
    1. It can ward off evil spirits to avoid being harassed by evil spirits.
    2. Increasing your own luck, you may wish to try it when you play cards. The chance of winning is higher.
    3. The five emperor coins are packed in a packet, and then put in a train or handbag to increase your luck.
    It people also wear the five emperors with ropes to wear on the neck. The effect is the same as the above method. Why does the five emperor's money have a special effect? ​​This is because the five emperor's money has the title of five emperors. The longest reign of the Qing Dynasty in history is also the last dynasty in history. The use of their title has a strong magnetic field. Furthermore, the money in the Qing Dynasty had the effect of opening up. The five emperors of Shunzhi, Kangxi, Yongzheng, and Qianlong of the Qing Dynasty were the most prosperous period in the Qing Dynasty. In other words, the emperor's luck was also very good. Essence
    . The use of five emperor coins. There are some points of furnishings as follows in order to correctly use the power of Feng Shui:
    , Wangcai, Wangzhai Qi: In the living room, office, divine position, etc. Avoid fierce.
    2. Calling for wealth: Hanging is placed at the financial position in the house, and can also be placed in the vault and safe.
    3. Insurance: It can be suspended in the car, decorative and safe.
    4. Huahuangxie: The five yellow stars of each year will fly to different positions. It is advisable to hang a bunch of five emperor coins in Wuhuang Dasha Fang to use the five yellow evil spirits of the house.
    5. Tu Tai Sui Fang: Every year, the position of Tai Sui is different. The so -called "don't move the soil on the Tai Sui". You can hang a string in the Tai Sui square in the house every year to turn the Tai Sui Fang's Chongsha.
    6. The door of the opening: the door of the house, straight into the elevator, parking lot, road, down, up the stairs ... and so on. It is advisable to hang a string at the door and resolve it.
    7. The door of the house is hedge [toilet, kitchen, especially]: A string of hanging on the door should be suspended to resolve and decorate. Each room door, hedges. This is called: door to the door, scolding each other!
    8. The balcony and windows are looking out of the temple, the housing corner, the electric box, the electric pole, the tower, etc. It is advisable to hang a string and resolve it. Urban temples and altars. Inner gods, gathered souls. It should be hung up with neighbors and blades.
    If Note:
    This should be avoided in contact with liquid containing and alkaline -containing, as well as hard objects, such as damage affects its beauty.

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