What is the meaning of the five emperor coins

What is the meaning of the five emperor coins

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  1. The five emperor's copper coins refer to the copper coins of the five emperors of Shunzhi, Kangxi, Yongzheng, Qianlong, and Jiaqing during the Qing Dynasty. It is said that it has the effects of blocking evils, preventing villains, avoiding evils, and prosperous wealth. Girls can wear the five emperor money on the bag with the red line, or hang it with them to avoid evil. The five emperors have the functions of blocking evil, preventing villains, avoiding evil, prosperous wealth, and praying for blessings. Since ancient times, Chinese folks have worn coins to block evil, prevent villains, avoid evil, prosper wealth, and pray for blessings. The five emperor's money is the money coin cast by the five most prosperous emperors of the Chinese nation. Therefore, the five emperor's money brings together the wealth of heaven, earth, and people. The financial function can also strengthen the owner's self -confidence and resolve the defects of the Six Gods.

    It girls can wear the five emperor money on the bag with the red line, or hang it with them to avoid evil. Those who are too old can be used to prevent evil and block the disaster, and they need to be combined with other methods.

    The residential door to the staircase, and the stairs can not keep the fortune of the house downward, and it is easy to break the wealth. The staircase forms evil spirits upward, affects health and is prone to injury. It can be hung at the entrance to resolve the evil spirits.

    Five emperors' money function:

    The customs of the five emperor coins have been used since ancient times. According to the literature, the Fang Kong coin is not restricted, and the red line is hung between the neck, and the righteousness of the five parties can be concentrated, which can resist the evil ghosts.

    The preparation of the five emperor's money:

    1.5 When choosing it, it is best to be well -proportioned and similar to the color, which is more beautiful; R n
    2. The red rope can be disassembled or took a single red rope for 10 cm.

    3. In the same way, wear on one side of the upper and lower sides;


    The five emperor's money is a spiritual weapon, a law, and it has the power of the emperor and the god of the nation. In ancient times, the folk belief was the idea of ​​the monarchy, and believed that the power of the emperor was awarded by heaven, and only the emperor was the incarnation of the God of God. The five emperor money condensed such an emperor's domineering and Chinese spirit, and achieved a great cause. The Emperor of the Qing Dynasty created the situation of the centuries of the Qing Dynasty. Qin Shihuang unified Huaxia, opened the great cause of Qianqiu, and built the achievements of all generations. "Khan", well -known in the world. Song Taizu established the most prosperous Song Dynasty in ancient Chinese history; Mingchengzu sent Zheng He to the West to broadcast overseas, and Ming Yongle Tongbao became the hard currency of international trade in the 17th century. The majesty and momentum of the emperor spread far away at home and abroad, showing that the emperor and the national momentum are powerful. As the ancient money they cast, the only spirit of Emperor Wei, which is left to future generations, is both precious and rare of the real five emperor money.

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