2 thoughts on “What angel investors are there in China?”

  1. There are many famous angel investors. For example, Li Kaifu (Innovation Workshop), Li Kaifu (Innovation Workshop), Cai Wensheng (founder of Long Ling Investment), etc. For an early company, whether it is famous or unknown, as long as it can be given to as long as it can be given to it You are actually the same in investment. You ca n’t always stare at the famous investors. You may not even have a chance to speak to the famous institutional investors. In addition Go to all kinds of financing channels to contact investors more, and also recommend you a few channels:
    1. Participate in some offline salon activities. This is also a channel that investment companies often reveal. Not necessarily investment in your industry, but at least you can get in touch with economically -related cities.
    2. Finding a financing platform, it is recommended not to choose a membership system too high. You can choose the kind of self -help application for one -on -one to connect investors, let investors see you BP and are willing to do it. The probability will be higher, and it is recommended to try it.

  2. Angel investor Xu Xiaoping; Angel investor Qingyang; Angel investor Angel Investment is a form of equity capital investment. It refers to individuals or institutions with a certain amount of net wealth. A spontaneous and decentralized folk investment method.

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