Why is the website that was called 5173 before is now called Jin Huabi?

Recently, there have been reports on the Internet that the Jin Huabici scammers incident. is this real? Why is the website that was called 5173 before is now called Jin Huabi?

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  1. Let's first understand what the company's nature of Jinhua Bichi network technology is. Jinhua Bichi is a wholly -owned subsidiary of Shanghai Baotu Network Technology Co., Ltd. It is an e -commerce enterprise specializing in digital products e -commerce and related services. In 2009, Shanghai Baoku provided customers with more professional and more convenient services for customers. From the company's concept of "focusing on services, almost demanding", it contributed 10 million yuan to Jinhua Bichi Network Technology Co., Ltd. in Jinhua, Zhejiang. Jin Huabi will focus on providing customers with high -quality virtual digital product consignment trading services, guarantee trading services, account trading services, game training services, automatic transaction services, etc. At present, the company is in a period of high -speed growth. The company will inherit and carry forward the concept of Shanghai Baoku service first, and strive to provide users with more timely, secure and efficient services, and bring more exciting experiences to users.
    based on the Internet that is said to be a scammer of Jin Huabichi, it is advised that all players must be carried out in accordance with normal transaction procedures when trading on the platform. If a stranger requires remittance to a private account Scams for the sake.
    5173 is the website, game coins, equipment, cards, accounts, accounts, and practice. 5173 is equivalent to a brand under the genus of Jinhua Bichi.
    The expansion of the Jinhua Bichi online business will inevitably be affected by some disadvantages of criminals. The incident of the Jinhua Bichi scammers is an example.

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