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  1. As a successful entrepreneurial after the 80s, Chen Ou did not forget to teach his entrepreneurial experience to contemporary young people when he achieved his achievements. I believe everyone knows Jumei Youpin, but do you know about Chen Ou's entrepreneurial story? Let me introduce you to the analysis of the success story of Chen Ou's entrepreneurial entrepreneurial. Welcome to read.

    Coumei Youpin Chen Ou's entrepreneurial story Chen Ou's hometown is in Zhongjiang County, Sichuan Province. In February 4, 1983, born in Deyang. In his youth, Chen Ou Elementary School won a lot of Olympic Olympic. In the prize of Chen Ou, he graduated from primary school and jumped directly to the second junior high school. By the age of 16, Chen Ou happened to discover the full scholarships of Deyang that year. Chen Ou Kao took Singapore Nanyang University of Technology and received a full scholarship.
    Chen Ou University is studying computers, and my hobbies are earning money. Play games. Like most college students at the moment, Chen Ou often participates in game competitions during college. But the difference is that other contestants treat Warcraft as life, and Chen Ou only took the time to practice three or four days before the competition. The best results are the top three of Singapore's "Warcraft". Chen Ou quickly excavated business opportunities by participating in the game competition, which also achieved Chen Ou to create GGGAME, the world's leading online game platform.
    The attended from Nanyang University of Science and Technology in Singapore in 2001, majoring in computer majors. In 2006, he was still studying in Singapore and only founded a laptop to establish an online game battle platform GGGAME. At that time, Shanda Haofang wanted to enter the Southeast Asian market, but the version was poor. GGGAME has attracted a large number of gamers in a short period of time, becoming one of the largest game battle platforms outside China.
    In 2009, Chen Ou found that he was not consistent with the company, so he sold the company. When GGGAME developed well, Chen Ou, who was unwilling to the status quo, decided to go to Stanford University to read MBA to expand his knowledge reserves. At the same time, Stanford, Stanford, asked Chen Ou to meet the second entrepreneurial partner Dai Yusen
    In July 2009, Chen Ou returned to China on the third day after graduation and started his second entrepreneurial. With a brand new project, he found Xu Xiaoping, an angel investor who had not been contacted for 2 years. One day in July 2007, Chen Oufei, a student of Stanford University, returned to Beijing to raise funds for entrepreneurial projects. After being introduced by a friend, Chen Ou met the most important entrepreneurial teacher of the future at the Beijing Cuiyong Hotel -Zhenge Angel Investor Xu Xiaoping (one of the founders of New Oriental Education Group). The two drank a tea at the Cui Palace Hotel in Beijing, and Teacher Xu decided to invest in his GGGAME. But Chen Ou did not take Mr. Xu's money this time.
    two years later, when Chen Ou graduated from Stanford in the United States to return home again to start a business, Chen Ou met Xu Xiaoping again in a Chinese hotel. Xu Xiaoping invested at Chen Ou's project for $ 180,000, and by the way, Chen Ou's team was also a house as an office venue. Dai Yusen, the younger brother of Stanford, also gave up his degree and returned to China to follow Chen Ou. Chen Ou chose the game industry and established Reemake. The entrepreneurial project is built -in advertisements in social games. It was soon discovered that the foreign model they moved could not do it in China.
    Chen Ou found that the majority of women consumers in China have lack of confidence in buying cosmetics online, mature, successful Chen Ou, and successful Chen Ou. There is no leading sheep company in the online cosmetics industry. Cosmetics are the New World. He summarized three "feasible conditions". First of all, it is an indisputable fact that e -commerce is developing in China at a high speed. Secondly, cosmetics demand is very large, but there is no credible cosmetics website in the market. Essence There was a fierce quarrel between the partners. Chen Ou was going to be an e -commerce company, and Dai Yusen proposed to be the community. When they were arguing here, the group purchase heat was scratched in China. Chen Ou proposed to play by group buying, with feelings step by step. Because the company's mobile funds were only 300,000, they had to continue the game advertising business on the one hand. It took two days to make Tuanmei.com (Jumei Youpin's predecessor) on the line.
    On March 31, 2010, Tuanmei.com was launched as China's first professional female group buying website. It was passed on by genuine and affordable image, and it achieved rapid development in a short period of time. On September 9th, Tuanmei.com officially opened the top domain name and changed its name to Jumei Youpin, becoming the leading domestic fashion limited -time discount shopping platform in China.
    Chen Ou bought the agent's cosmetics and stored it in the warehouse. It was sold in the form of time -limited group purchase. The price was 40 % lower than the specialty store. In May of the same year, Chen Ou completely stopped the built -in advertising business of the previous game, and at the same time received 2 million yuan of investment from Xu Xiaoping. After the Quanmei.com (Jumei Youpin's predecessor) was launched, the performance was unexpected, and the registered users exceeded 100,000 in less than 5 months. In September 2010, Tuanmei.com was renamed Jumei Youpin, which has the meaning of "gathering beauty and adult beauty", and its sales reached 20 million yuan in the same year. In March 2011, the company's total sales exceeded 150 million in less than a year, and also received investment from Osumoto Capital 10 million US dollars. In May, Jumei Youpin transformed into a cosmetics B2C website with a group purchase appearance.
    In 2011, when the board of directors asked Chen Ou to come out to endorse the Jumei Youpin founded by him, he was very hesitant. Xu Xiaoping, an angel investor of Chen Ou, encouraged him, and eventually he decided to give up. [14] On February 2nd, he participated in the interview with the CCTV10 "Innovation Infinite" program, and participated in the CCTV10 innovation unlimited on the 23rd. From March 27, 2011 -August 4, 2013 participated in the guest guest of Tianjin Satellite TV's "You". Accept an exclusive interview with Phoenix Satellite TV wealth]. In August, he participated in Hunan Satellite TV's "Happy Female Voice" 7 in and 6 Weibo Jury; on October 21, he participated in Hunan Satellite TV's "Everyday Up" as a guest guest.
    At the end of 2012, Jumei Youpin released the second advertisement. In that one minute and 39 seconds, Chen Ou played a entrepreneur, which was questioned, attacked, discredited by various outside world ... Essence At the end, he fought his boxing, smashed the glass in front of him, and continued to step on the glass. "Even if you are bruised all over the body, you must live beautifully." Everyone remembered this back and named the 9 lines in the camera. For "Chen Ou". "Chen Ou" quickly became popular on the Internet, and the imitation boom rose all the way. Chen Ou's Sina Weibo fans rose from 1 million to 1.54 million. On February 20, 2013, the Baidu index of "Chen Ou" rose to 40,000.
    In the successful case analysis of Chenou's entrepreneurial case analysis of the first bucket of gold before the age of 25, but this does not guarantee that his next Lu Yifan is smooth ... "Can Liu Lili not be mentioned?" Chen Ou Sitting in the office and told reporters about what happened two months ago, he was still worried.
    The ones originated from Tianjin Satellite TV's on -site job search program "You Are You Are Not". The video questioned by the hosted by the host and the guests caused a stir on the Internet. Many netizens questioned the host and guests and thought they had a loss of Liu Lili. Chen Ou was one of the recruitment guests present at the time. At the scene of the show, he asked "Can I understand your family?" He was also considered vicious and unique.
    On January 13, 2012, Chen Ou apologized to Liu Lili on Weibo.
    "I always think that I am a show participant and know more. But with the suggestions of my friends, I carefully watched the video on Weibo, and after watching the viewer several times, I really felt that job hunting. Lili was aggrieved at the scene. Now I can understand why so many friends are angry about this. The questions I raised on the scene seemed to be stupid. Here I apologized to Lily. The job seeker is a vulnerable group, compared to attacking, supporting and supporting and supporting and supporting and supporting and supporting and supporting and supporting and supporting and supporting and supporting and supporting and supporting and supporting and supporting and supporting and supporting and supporting and supporting and supporting and supporting and supporting and supporting and supporting and supporting and supporting and supporting and supporting and supporting and supporting and supporting and supporting and supporting and supporting and supporting and supporting and supporting and supporting and supporting and supporting and supporting and supporting and supporting and supporting and supporting and supporting and supporting and supporting and supporting and supporting and supporting and supporting and supporting and supporting. Care is more important. "Unexpectedly, apology did not bring him peace and understanding, but made him the target of artillery fire, and the overwhelming saliva rushed on the Internet.
    "The problem is that I am not the protagonist in this incident, but an apology becomes the protagonist." Chen Ou was helpless. "Sometimes because you may be an idol, more people will be Jump out. "He couldn't help but go to the Internet to see those comments. Looking at those naked personal attacks, he slowly couldn't hold it, especially some users left" I will never get Jumeiyou again in the future. After buying things ", he felt the distress of a public figure.
    The 29 -year -old Chen Ou realized the two sides of the coin of the star for the first time: it is usually light, once the wind blows, it is very likely that it will be gone. "The later summary is that it is low -key or low -key. However, if you see it in three or four months, it is also a wealth. After experiencing things, experienced grievances, experienced depression, will become stronger in your heart. In the future, I ca n’t beat this kind of thing again. "
    The study from Zhang Chaoyang from Zhang Chaoyang
    In early 2011, when the board of directors asked Chen Ou to come out for the endorsement of the Jumei Youpin founded by him, he was Very hesitant. "I did some interviews in 2010, but I did not formally say that I must go out. Later, the board of directors discussed, especially Mr. Xu Xiaoping hoped that I would stand up, but some investors said that I do n’t want to stand up. I hope I will spend more energy on the business. In the past, Mr. Xu said that he must play the advantage, and then I stood up. "Chen Ou said that his angel investor Xu Xiaoping also gave him an example of Zhang Chaoyang. Personal brands have successfully driven the popularity of Sohu at a very low price.
    "It is not embarrassing to make CEO marketing around myself, others will say that I am. I am a good face." Chen Ou said that he was essentially a low -key person, not particularly liked to show off, " Moreover, there is a saying in China to hit the head bird. But after thinking about it, I am CEO, who does I go to hell? "
    At that time, Chen Ou and Han Geng appeared on the subway. In the warm pursuit, he personally appeared in the "endorsement of himself" advertisements for the company to resonate strongly after the 80s. Chen Ou continued to appear in Hunan Satellite TV's "Happy Girl" and "You You" by Tianjin Satellite TV. "Cute Tide Men", Chen Ou is "the newly -entrepreneurial after the 80s".
    At first, Chen Ou felt good, "quite high, he suddenly became a famous person, and found that it was not a good thing later, and it was very distressed. And the cosmetics itself was a very sensitive category, others would question you selling you selling Whether the product is genuine or fake, it may have an impact on the reputation of the individual; and the personal constraints of the CEO are also great, and everything will be paid attention to what you do. n Under the cold rules of high -promoting e -commerce promotion costs, entrepreneurs have become a star spokesperson, saving a lot of advertising costs for Jumei Youpin. "It really saves a lot of money, and it is estimated that 100 million advertising costs are saved." Chen Ou said that the proportion of marketing expenses of Jumei Youpin is very low in the industry. More than ten twenty times. Chen Ou even praised himself, "This is the best e -commerce advertisement in the e -commerce circle, after Han Han's Fanke advertisements."
    "The media pays attention to reporting these things, which is equivalent to helping us do a lot of marketing and many marketing and Communication, this is valuable. And consumers are more willing to remember and spread a flesh -and -blood entrepreneur, not a company. "Chen Ou said that it costs 30%to 40%of the annual income for promotion than peers. Jumei Youpin spends much less in this area.
    "Most of my users visited directly, not bought, so Jumei's user traffic composition was very healthy and benign." In 2011, Jumei Youpin's turnover reached nearly 1 billion, compared to compared with In 2010, it grew nearly 15 times.
    Chenou concluded that the reason why Jumei achieved today is basically relying on word -of -mouth marketing and CEO marketing. Prior to this, Taobao cosmetics shops, Tiantian.com, and fifth avenue B2C had already planted the market. "Instead of taking the lead, it is better to say that Jumei is quickly cut in by the group purchase model, accounting for a phased advantage, and it is done by its own execution and marketing."
    . After more than a year, Chen Ou had completed the psychological passage of "early happiness, later depressed, and then indifferent". "What you enjoy is the sense of accomplishment brought by the enterprise, and it is necessary to bear the pressure of more than 100 times others. This is his own choice."
    The experience of analyzing the personal brand to reporters to create a personal brand. "From the perspective of marketing effects, it must be a good program for entertainment, such as" Everyday Up ", because the users of Jumei Youpin are very consistent with the audience of Hunan Satellite TV. It is more suitable for public welfare programs. "Chen Ou said that CCTV's financial programs can help him build a brand, while Hunan Satellite TV brings sales to the company.
    "For the company, you still have to sacrifice yourself, and the entertainment program is still going. If the company arrives at a certain stage, I can fade out of the stage as CEO and leave it to the spokesperson." He is working overtime every day now, and he goes home after class, and there is no handle to catch.
    Chen Ou borrowed Xu Xiaoping's reputation
    Chen Ou got the first bucket of gold in Singapore. In 2006, he was still in Singapore, and his brother Liu Hui (now the co -founder and vice president of R

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