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  1. Good car owners mutually help, as the first few domestic people, "advocating a car accident, all the cars to share, everyone saves money", it can indeed help many car owners. Users have better evaluation of mutual assistance of car owners on the Internet, because the mutual assistance between good car owners is indeed more reliable.
    In the life of modern people, cars have become necessary transportation for individuals and families. But the road traffic safety issues have become more prominent. According to the relevant data from the National Bureau of Statistics, as early as 2018, the direct property loss of traffic accidents was 1348.559 million yuan. From the perspective of vehicle types, the most traffic accidents are cars.
    The causes of traffic accidents. Behind the surprising data, because there are good driving habits or due to their own economic conditions throughout the year, 42 % of car owners in China have failed to pay car loss insurance. Once a traffic accident occurs, the maintenance fee will be borne by themselves, but for those owners who have not paid car insurance due to family economic conditions, they will suffer unbearable hit.
    The mutual assistance platform adopts an accident, and the car owners implement the car loss mutual assistance on the Internet to help outstanding car owners save money and worry. It aims to create a legal and notarized mutual aid platform for users, so that every good car owner can enjoy the treatment of "saving money" at the same time. It is advocated that if a car has an accident, all the owners must share the responsibility, so the purpose of eliminating everyone can save money.
    Iladder mutual assistance can not only provide high -quality maintenance services to your vehicle after the accident, but only need to help others share a small amount of costs when the accident occurs. The remaining mutual assistance funds can continue to use it in your own account, or you can freely withdraw or recharge at any time according to your needs. It greatly improves the ability to resist hidden dangers of traffic. The excellent car owner has a capital pool, so you can add it safely.
    The most important thing is that the good car owner mutual aid platform platform has a relatively complete review and risk control system. Each distribution event will be disclosed, traceable, and the platform is really professional and transparent.

  2. If it comes to the decoration of new houses, there is often a very sensitive problem. This sensitive problem is formaldehyde at home, because formaldehyde has a great impact on the human body. Therefore, many people try their best to reduce the generation of formaldehyde when decorating, and choose more environmentally friendly materials. This can reduce the generation of formaldehyde. How to judge whether the formaldehyde at home has exceeded the standard after decoration? Most people still have misunderstandings about formaldehyde. If you only judge whether the formaldehyde is exceeded by the sense of smell, this is not desirable.
    First of all, everyone should know that there is no color for formaldehyde, so that we cannot use the naked eye to judge whether this formaldehyde has in your room. Perhaps some people say that they can judge whether the formaldehyde in the room has exceeded the standard through this sense of smell. These pungent tastes do not say that it must be excessive formaldehyde, which may be some flavors emitted by other decoration materials.
    Secondly, after the decoration of the new house, we have no professional instruments to detect this formaldehyde. It is unreasonable to judge whether the formaldehyde is exceeded with some naked eye or smell. This is unreasonable. We can choose a professional formaldehyde company, which must be formal, and then let them test whether the formaldehyde in this room has exceeded standards, or solve some problems of removing formaldehyde.
    In summary, after the renovation of the new house, how to judge whether the formaldehyde at home has exceeded the standard? As an ordinary people or consumers, there is no professional instrument to judge. Only find a professional removal of formaldehyde. At the same time, we should open the windows for about 6 months in winter in the room that has been renovated. Starting, the decoration materials are environmentally friendly and safe.

  3. Let's talk about your own experience. I am in Heze, Shandong, and my cousin has heard this platform from his colleague. Then I came to recommend it to me again. I think I am a good driver. I have n’t had an accident for several years, so I did n’t buy a car damage. My cousin has always persuaded me to have a guarantee or at ease. This good owner's mutual assistance platform said that it is only a car owner with good driving habits and a low accident rate. You can continue to use the next year. Or I don't want to protect it anymore, so the money can be withdrawn at any time in my account. At that time, I was also very flexible. In addition, I only needed seven or eight hundred to join this car. It was not expensive. I checked it on the Internet. The company's founder was graduated from Stanford MBA. The fund founded with Wang Qiang joined the mentality of trying it.
    Because I have no car damage danger, after joining, the review will be effective after the review and pass. When there is an accident, I will participate in the sharing. Now about three months, it will only be about ten pieces. Personally, I still feel very good.
    later I thought about letting my father -in -law's car also join in. My father -in -law drove a fierce driving. Then you did not pass the review. You need to repair the old injury before you can come in. At that time, the first reaction was also unable to understand, so I went to the customer service. The customer service explained that after the vehicle had an accident, the cost of deducting the cost of the mutual aid will be shared together. All members are related. Starting from the overall fairness, the platform has risk control for models, years, car age, mileage, and old injuries. Individuals are more convincing and recognized.

  4. 1. The platform is currently in the early promotion stage, and the market is broad.

    2. There is no competitive product on the market

    3. Save money for users, 5-7 % off for ordinary car damage

    Sub -subsequent answers to the above, those who are suspicious just have not learned about this platform carefully.

    1. How to guarantee the transparency of funds?

    The public account and APP on the platform have clear flow of funds for each order, and non -users can also query.

    2. How to guarantee the ability to pay?

    The compensation accident is the user's mutual assistance, and the deduction limit of all users in each accident is 50. At the same time, the platform may not be able to afford it. Is this possible? Moreover, the number of users has reached 11,000 cars, and the number is still rising. The more users are, the less the amount of each person shares, and the more it is impossible for the platform to be unable to afford it.

    3. How to control moral risks, how to control fraudulent rates, and how to control expenditures?

    The platform does not say that when the user's vehicle is accidentally accidentally, after the evaluation of the platform or third -party public agency (Panhua Gong, etc.), it is determined that it is the user's own responsibility. Provide a trailer service, send the user vehicle to the designated repair shop on the platform, the user can go home, as long as it takes a period of time to pick up the car. The platform will compare the repairs of the vehicle after the maintenance plant is completed, and then compares the quotation of the maintenance plant, platform, and third -party public agencies to settle the appropriate repair fee with the settlement of the maintenance plant.

    4. Are there any professional actuarial teams and investment departments like insurance companies?

    The mutual assistance platform is not insurance! Intersection It is a commercial company that provides a platform and users' spontaneous mutual aid.
    The user mutual aid will be deposited to a third -party fund pool and will not be used by the company for investment.
    The actuarial team is also gradually growing, so the platform does not advertise or pass through large platform drainage, just want to walk step by step, so as not to keep up with the user growth rate.

    5. Is the third -party fund management company reliable? Is the third -party investment behavior of illegal regulations speculative? How to control risks? How to ensure the interests of members?

    The third -party funding company at this stage to pay the world in order to exchange the world. The old third -party fund management company established in 2006 can check the information by themselves. Essence
    The user mutual aid deposit as a one -year deposit of the bank, users can take it out at any time, and enjoy the bank interest rate at the same time.

    6. Without regulatory agencies, what should I do if there is no state in the running of cakes. Intersection Intersection Intersection

    The platform not only wants to do the small market for vehicles to ensure the loss of vehicles, but to put the target in the after -sales market of the car. The platform is thinking for users. There is a certain trust. After this epidemic, everyone's consumption level is reduced. Now through this platform, users can reduce the expenses of car loss. I believe that more users will be attracted by the platform in the future.

    It if you are interested, you can continue to understand the details, you can talk to me in detail.

  5. Before I have been in Alipay's mutual treasure, I have been paying attention to the development of network mutual assistance in various industries at home and abroad. At present, everyone knows the mutual assistance to people, such as droplets, mutual treasures, etc.
    Melast asked this good car owner to help each other, and also read some information, and learned about the approximate product model, which is to protect their cars in the form of mutual assistance. Walking, the rest of the money continues to use in your account, and it is still good for the owners with good driving behavior. Regarding the issue of compliance, in fact, the "Decision of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China on the establishment of several issues of the socialist market economy system" pointed out: "Promote social assistance and develop commercial insurance industry as a supplement to social insurance."
    So the country does not restrict the development of network mutual assistance, on the contrary, it advocates innovation.
    This platform, user recharge mutual assistance is in your own account, there is no fund pool, which is a very critical point of compliance. The owner can also withdraw from the withdrawal at any time. Relatively speaking, the cost of trial error is small. Even if it is found that it is not appropriate, it will be exited at any time
    . After the water droplets and mutual aid tend to mature, the domestic mutual aid platforms have become more. , 360, etc., also started to help each other. So I am very optimistic about the development of online mutual assistance

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