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  1. Get it and remind you that when selecting an intermediary company, especially an intermediary company that exports international labor services, you must go to the website of the Ministry of Labor to check the qualifications of your choice of the company. Only the output company is eligible for labor output, and it is not qualified to handle it on it, so you must be careful to avoid the wife and the soldiers! Intersection Intersection Intersection
    In addition, you can make more money in foreign countries, and finally have more money left. It depends on the local price level, not to say that the more RMB It can be discounted into RMB100W, but daily consumption takes 110W. In the end, it is better to cost up in China. Even if a part of the money is left, you have to calculate the currency of the country you want to immigrate and the ability to buy in the local area. It is very simple analogy. If in China, throw away the monthly cost of the month, you will leave 500RMB. Then, you should have a lot of folding to Thailand, but you are a rich man in China? Anyway, that means that you should be able to understand. Those who want to immigrate more are, but you must consider it clearly, and you must be cautious, cautious, and again when choosing an intermediary company! Intersection Intersection Intersection

  2. Investment immigration! Find a person who opens a company or factory in a foreign country and pretend that you can invest in your family! Intersection real! My friend is like this!

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