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  1. Credit card pre -borrowing cash generally does not exceed 50%of your credit limit, and does not exceed the current available amount of the card. The daily daily daily cash withdrawal limit per card is 10,000 yuan. Query the credit card quota and cumulative cash withdrawal amount.
    The amount of cards According to the level of the card and the qualifications of the cardholder, the bank's issuing limit will be different. Between Yuan, the credit limit of the Gold Card of the Construction Bank was within the range of 10,000-50000 yuan.
    ③ The credit line of the CCB Platinum Card is generally above 50,000 yuan.
    ④ The sharing amount of the virtual card and the physical card, and the credit line of the physical card is the maximum overdraft amount of the virtual card.
    The annual fee for the dragon card joy.

    Dragon card joy credit card:
    (1) UnionPay version
    ① The annual fee of the standard platinum card main card is 580 yuan/card, the auxiliary card annual fee of 300 yuan/card , Each card holding the annual card swiping consumption and cash withdrawal cumulative cumulative (unlimited amount) for the annual fee of the year.
    ② Gold card (student version) annual fee is 160 yuan/card, and the subsidiary card is not issued.
    (2) VISA version and Masterda version
    ① The annual fee of the standard platinum card owner card is 580 yuan/card, and the auxiliary card annual fee is 300 yuan/card. Preferential policies.

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