1 thought on “CCB JOY Card C white card is virtual?”

  1. It is a physical card, the main card, and the UnionPay single logo platinum credit card.
    If applications online if you apply for a new customer, and you need to go to face -to -face signing if you do not verify the online banking shield. The final review results will be issued within 2 days after the signing. Through the card, the advantages of the CCB JOY card C -bid white card will be passed through the visa:
    one card more account, comprehensively manage your Le Dang family financial card except Renminbi, USD, Hong Kong dollar, yen, euro, British pound and other multi -currency categories (hereinafter referred to as domestic and foreign currencies) are outdoors outdoors, and other accounts of China Construction Bank can be associated on the financial card of the Ledang family. Overview of funds.
    Signed a contract for wealth management, automatic transfer (required to be opened) You can sign a contract to choose a living deposit deposit deposit, current deposit deposit deposit, regular deposit deposit deposit, current deposit transfer notification deposit, notification deposit transfer deposit deposit, voucher type, voucher type A variety of automatic transfer services such as transfer of government bonds and automatic remittances, banks will automatically dispatch funds for you based on your contract.
    Capors overseas transactions, Global Global (required to be opened) You can consume more than 20 million merchants in more than 200 countries and regions around the world, and withdraw local currencies on nearly one million ATM machines. Overseas travel is convenient and chic. You can also apply for automatic foreign exchange purchase services for RMB deposits from our bank.

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