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  1. Shi Yuzhu, the “journey” of the Internet, lives a black and white upside -down life every day because he likes to play online games. “I am a ashes -level player.” Shi Yuzhu, Shi Yuzhu’s conference, said proudly, “It’s better to develop a game by myself.” In November 2004, Shanghai Zhengtu Network Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Zhengtu Network”) was officially established Essence Three or four years ago, Shi Yuzhu thought about investing in online games. Before entering the online game, Shi Yuzhu once asked experts to consult, and he also visited the leaders of some industries. The conclusion is that in at least 8 years or longer, the growth rate of online games will remain above 30%. In Shi Yuzhu’s view, the demand for entertainment in Chinese people is increasing, and the proportion of Chinese gamers is relatively low, and the growth potential is huge. Therefore, Shi Yuzhu asserted that the current online game market must be a rising industry. Shi Yuzhu always believes that the success of online games depends on two: money and people. Shi Yuzhu does not lack money. The accumulation and investment income of health products for many years have brought huge capital accumulation to Shi Yuzhu. A few years ago, Shi Yuzhu had been tempted by online games, but at that time he had no game team. Wang Yan of Sina once told him that Sina did not make online games because of lack of people. In 2004, a large team of Shanghai Shanda, which gave up large -scale online games, was going to leave Shanda and hoped to find a suitable investment partner and contacted investors in the same Taiwan. After hearing about this, Shi Yuzhu immediately found the team to meet. After the talks, Shi Yuzhu’s enthusiasm for investing in IT was ignited again and decided to invest. After the formal determination, Shi Yuzhu asked himself: What can the reason from failure? The first is the product, the second is the loss of personnel, etc. In one question and one answer, Shi Yuzhu listed more than a dozen project points, and found the solution one by one. According to Chengdu media reports, “Dragon Soul” was created by the giant Chengdu team for two years, and the game engine has independent intellectual property rights. As the first 3D masterpiece with the meaning of “Chengdu created”, the game screen has excellent performance and has been highly hoped by local. This evaluation of Shi Yuzhu is undoubtedly splashed with a pot of cold water. A source close to Shi Yuzhu revealed that although the local media in Chengdu generally interpreted “Dragon Soul” as the “secret weapon” of Shi Yuzhu’s deployment of the Southwest online game market, in fact, he was not optimistic about this game, and even characterized it to the company in 2010. The least optimistic game inside. Sources also pointed out that Shi Yuzhu personally likes to play 2D and 2.5D online games. He is not used to 3D online games. “The reason why President Shi is not optimistic about the game is that this is the only game he played at the current company, and it is also the only game he is uncomfortable.” Sources said. However, based on the above reasons, it seems that it is impossible to fully explain why Shi Yuzhu’s “abuse” is a product that has regional strategic significance for the company. Some people related to “Dragon Soul” told Sina Technology that Yuan Hui, the giant vice president of the giant, personally coached the Southwest R

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