1 thought on “The impact of the US dollar rate hike?”

  1. The US dollar rate hike is the Federal Reserve's interest rate hike, which means that the interest of the US deposit has increased. Because the US dollar is international currency, the interest increases the public will consider depositing deposits into banks to earn interest. The renminbi will depreciate.
    The influence on the Fed's interest rate hikes on the market has the following aspects:
    1. As a result, the sales of export trade in my country decreased;
    2. The US dollar appreciates after the Federal Reserve ’s interest rate hike, then other countries in the currency market, including the RMB, will have a short -term depreciation, and the depreciation of the renminbi directly leads to the exterior of my country's funds;
    3. The appreciation of the commodity price at the US dollar will fall. For example, foreign oil prices will decline, and the adjustment of the price of oil prices will be indirectly reduced, and it must be reduced;
    4. After a certain period of interest, it will also enter the interest rate reduction cycle, then the RMB will rise against the US dollar, the RMB and other value will rise, and a large amount of capital will flow into China.

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