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  1. The operation process of equity crowdfunding

    The equity crowdfunding refers to the company's transfer of a certain percentage of shares, facing ordinary investors, and investors enter the company through investment to obtain future returns. This model based on Internet channels is called equity crowdfunding. Objectively speaking, the equity crowdfunding is not much different from investors who purchase stocks when the new shares IPO, but in the field of Internet finance, equity crowdfunding mainly points to earlier private equity investment, which is a powerful supplement of angels and VCs.

    . Participation of the participation of equity crowdfunding

    The equity crowdfunding operations, the main participating entities include three components of funders, funders and crowdfunding platforms. Some platforms There are also custodians specifically specified.

    1. Funds.

    The funders, also known as the initiator, usually refer to entrepreneurial enterprises or projects that need funds in the financing process. They publish corporate or project financing information and existing equity ratios through crowdfunding platforms.

    2. Investigators.

    The investors are often large number of Internet users. They use online payment and other methods to make small investment for startups or projects that they find investment value. After the funding is successful, the investor obtains a certain percentage of the equity of a startup enterprise or project.

    3. crowdfunding platform.

    crowdfunding platform refers to the medium that connects funders and investors. The main responsibility is to use network technical support to publish the creative and financing needs information of the project in accordance with relevant laws and regulations in the virtual space. There is a certain supervision obligation for investors to choose, and after the funding is successful.

    4. The custodian.

    It to ensure the security of each investor's funds, and the funding of the investor's funds is effectively returned in a timely manner for entrepreneurial enterprises or projects and unsuccessful fundraising. Responsibilities.

    . The operation process of the crowdfunding of equity

    . The initiator of the entrepreneurial enterprise or project, submit it to the crowdfunding platform for project planning or business planning, and set the plan to be planned The amount of fundraising, the shares of equity and the deadline for fundraising.

    . The crowdfunding platform reviews the project planning or business plan submitted by the funders. The scope of the review includes but not limited to authenticity, integrity, execution, and investment value.

    3. After the crowdfunding platform is reviewed, the corresponding project information and financing information are published on the Internet.

    4. Individuals or teams interested in the entrepreneurial enterprise or project may promise or deliver a certain amount of funds within the target period.

    5. The target period is dead. If the fundraising is successful, the investor and the funder signed a relevant agreement to see the following for details.

    In the above process analysis, compared with private equity investment, equity crowdfunding mainly completes the "fundraising" link through the Internet, so it is also called "private equity Internetization".

  2. ① Reduce the threshold for investment and financing. Because the crowdfunding platform breaks through the restrictions of the traditional investment and financing model, the intervention of the main investment party has relaxed the amount restrictions with the amount with the investment, allowing more people to participate in the emergence of new projects or new enterprises.
    ② On the crowdfunding website, the setting of the project review section between the project sponsor and investor exchanges makes the website not only a simple financing channel, but also the function of market research.
    ③Chechak financing model application long -tail effect encourages innovation: Compared with the traditional equity investment platform, the Internet crowdfunding platform, long tail effects have good applications in crowdfunding financing methods
    ④ crowdfunding model use use On the one hand, the Internet platform spreads financing information. On the one hand, the Internet has a huge user base and certain social functions. The information dissemination is more convenient, fast and low -cost. Compared with traditional advertising promotion, visiting investors or street sweeping publicity The crowdfunding model was promoted at a lower cost; on the other hand, the Internet information was strong, and users used the crowdfunding platform to send information and receiving information. Answer on the interactive platform that there are no or unclear places in investors in some plans. With the help of crowdfunding platforms, borrowers and investors can have low costs to conduct efficient exchanges and interactions.

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