2 thoughts on “What is the impact of the US dollar rate hike?”

  1. Impact:
    1. For Americans, the most direct manifestation is that the cost of borrowing money has increased, but the interest of the deposit is high. At this time, it is obvious that everyone's desire for consumption will be reduced, and it is better to save money first. At this time, the first phenomenon will appear: everyone wants to change the money in their hands to the US dollar, and want to invest in the United States or make savings.

    2. For economies with poor pressure resistance, capital will flee, and quickly return to developed countries centered on the United States or the US dollar.
    3, at the same time, the US dollar interest rate hike means that the cost of borrowing money has increased, that is, as long as 50,000 dollars are paid to interest per month, now it is only 100,000 dollars. There may be backstaming.

    4. Everyone will be pushed away by debt pressure. In order not to owe debts, everyone will take out the money in their hands to repay the debt, because the principal is borrowed from the US dollar, and the natural interest is also based on the US dollar. Come and pay for it, so to scramble to replace foreign exchange with US dollars to repay the debt, which is the most imminent thing for businessmen.

  2. The impact of the US dollar rate hike on us:
    First, if you don't need to spend the dollar, you don't need to worry about it; for tourism and shopping, the influence is not so great and there is no need to worry about it. However, for rigid demand for some people who have the need to consume in the dollar, such as overseas study abroad people, they need to be prepared to hedge the potential risks.
    Secondly, if the US dollar continues to appreciate and causes increased capital outflow pressure, it means that asset prices may fall sharply, and domestic investment may have a great impact.
    The short term, the Federal Reserve ’s interest rate hike will promote the rise of the US dollar, and the RMB will decline in a short -term.
    A disadvantages:
    The rising market interest rates and bond yields caused by interest rate hikes will attract other funds to the currency and bond market, and to a certain extent to suppress other investment. The appreciation caused by interest rate hikes is not conducive to the export of commodities such as the United States, especially agricultural products.
    Note: The Federal Reserve's interest rate hike will increase the interest of the deposit of the United States. Therefore, international investors are more willing to hold the US dollar, and international hot money has poured into the United States. This is reflected in the foreign exchange market, which shows that the US dollar is strong and appreciates from other currencies, so other currencies have depreciated relatively.
    It is like a supply and demand relationship. The US dollar can be understood as a commodity. The demand for the US dollar has risen and the US dollar naturally appreciates. After the strengthening of the US dollar, it is conducive to imports in the country. The same US dollar can exchange more foreign currencies, so foreign goods have also depreciated compared to the US dollar.

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