1 thought on “What is the model of equity crowdfunding?”

  1. 1. Cripher crowdfunding.

    is actually P2P, crowdfunding to return the principal and payment related interest, through credit loans, or mortgage loans, etc. There are many domestic platforms, such as everyone loan. To put it bluntly, I give you money, you finally give me principal and interest.

    2, equity crowdfunding.

    is also an investor to invest in you. You use the corresponding equity of the company as a return method, such as the ratio of equity, such as the number of equity. This is a high -risk investment. To put it bluntly, I give you money, you give me a shares. Of course, when there are too many shareholders, this can also lead to too much shares. It is not so reliable that every partner is so reliable, and the risk is very high. Therefore, it is important to grasp the equity design model. At present, there are several

    3, charitable crowdfunding.

    has no direct return. Participating in charity is a good packaging for individuals and enterprises. It is a manifestation of spiritual value. To say that straight spots are, I give you money, and you help me feel the sense of accomplishment.

    4, product crowdfunding

    . For example, the product of a company is still in production or just pre -sale. It is to get the product, the product can be a virtual service, some activities, events, or physical objects. To put it bluntly, you give me money, I give you the product you want. This advantage is that for users, in advance, do not worry about the product cannot be bought. For crowdfunding, the product has not yet produced it, so if the product is produced, it will be crowdfunded in advance. Production products can at least ensure that the product cannot be sold, and it also saves a lot of costs.

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