What is the difference between Dragon Valley Point and Long Coin

what differences are there? Can I buy it with gold coins? What can I buy ...
can we buy mall items for Dragon Coins and Points?

4 thoughts on “What is the difference between Dragon Valley Point and Long Coin”

  1. Uh, I explained to the original poster. The point roll is used to buy the east and west of the mall, and the source of the dragon coin sources comes from the point volume. For example, 300 dragon coins need 300 points to buy. The point roll can be used to buy things in the mall, of course, the dragon coins are also available, but after you buy the dragon coin with a point roll, you can use the dragon coin to exchange gold coins, sell it on the exchange, and the market in your area. I don’t know. , I do n’t know how to ask, thank you.

  2. ,,,,, this do n’t understand
    The point 劵 is rushed in the real money, the dragon coin is virtual, but the point of the shopping mall is sold
    I bought it with gold coins.
    Tonglong coins can be bought. The dragon coins can be bought with hundreds of gold coins

  3. You need RMB recharge
    The gold coins can be bought on the exchange ... Of course, you can also buy it with point rolls ...

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