3 thoughts on “If the hard disk is used in GPT, is it necessary to start UEFI?”

  1. The hard disk below 2TB, GPT partition, on the motherboard of some seven generations of Core platforms, can start BIOS. The hard disk greater than 2TB is not good. It may be that these motherboard BIOS can make virtual MBR mapping that BIOS can recognize the GPT partition.

  2. You can use ordinary U disk to install: 1. Use the U disk boot disk making tools to start a U disk; 2. Download a GHOST system mirror image; 3. Set the setting in the U disk in BIOS to start with the U disk, and then lower the previous down. Put the mirror image in the U disk; 4. After the U disk is started, select the item that selects "Ghost Manual Installation" at the start -up interface. C drive. Or select the PE at the interface, and then have a one -click installation software (just on the desktop) in the PE. Select the image you put on the U and install it on your C drive. At this time, a progress window will appear, restarting after walking. 5. After restarting, remove the USB flash drive, and then the machine is automatically installed by itself. Just click "Next" or "OK" until the installation is complete

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