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  1. Nowadays, more and more users with large -capacity hard disks have made traditional MBR partitions not suitable for development trends. As a result, the GPT partition format that can support more than 2.2TB of hard disk capacity, and in Windows supports up to 128 main partitions becomes the mainstream. How to use the GPT partition format to partition for computer hard disks? Win7 House College will teach you the partition method.
    The method is suitable for 64 -bit Win7/Win8.1/Win10 system, which can meet the requirements of using GPT partition as the above system partition. This tutorial uses the first anniversary of Windows 10 Anniversary.
    Note: All data need to be cleared in this process, so non -new hard disk users need to be treated with caution.
    GPT partitioning method is as follows:
    1. Use the production system discs or U disk to start, and adjust the start method in the BIOS to UEFI (suitable for using Legacy Bios users), as shown in Figure 1:
    GPT partition
    Figure 1
    it House Tip: Press the ESC or the current computer's default button after booting to enter the startup method to select the interface. ), The specific situation needs to be determined according to the computer preset, but the operation method is similar. UEFI startup requires the support of the motherboard chipset. If you do not find the corresponding content in the BIOS settings, then it is likely that your motherboard does not have this function.
    GPT partition
    Figure 2
    2, after the system version selection interface (Figure 2), press Shift F10 to call up the command prompt, as shown in Figure 3 -
    gpt partition r r
    Figure 3
    3, enter the DiskPart command, press Enter the car, enter the DiskPart tool, as shown in Figure 4, and then press the Enter key after entering the list disk command. 0, 1, 2 ... If you only have one hard disk, there is only No. 0 disk; there are two hard disks, you will also display No. 1 disk, and so on, as shown in Figure 4 (X is the above hard disk number), select the hard disk you want to perform partition operations. If there is only one hard disk, enter the Select Disk 0 and press the Enter key, as shown in Figure 4
    gpt partition

    6. Execute the CLEAN command to remove all the partitions on the hard disk (new hard disk does not require this step). At this time, all hard disk data will be removed, as shown in Figure 5, execute the Convert GPT command to convert the hard disk to the hard disk to The GPT partition table, as shown in Figure 5
    GPT partition
    Figure 5
    8, creating EFI partition, executing Create Partition EFI SIZE = 200 (200MB in the size of the partition), as shown in Figure 6 r r
    9. Create a MSR partition and execute the Create Partition MSR SIZE = 200 (Microsoft System Reserved Division), as shown in Figure 6, create the main partition, execute the Create Partition Primary Size = xxx (the specific size is according to your requirements according to your requirements As a systematic partition, if there is enough space, you can leave a space greater than 100GB, which is 102400MB. The command is the Create Partition Primary Size = 102400, which is convenient for the system to have enough turning space), as shown in Figure 6
    gPT partition
    FIG. 6: The partition process is simulated using a virtual machine, so 30GB of the main partition size is used as an operating demonstration. The actual operation is performed according to step 10 Come to create a new partition (pay attention to modify the specific value). However, it is recommended that users exit the command prompt to continue the system after the system is created. After all, this method is not easy to estimate the remaining hard disk space. After entering the installation program, you can further divide the remaining space (Figure 7). After the end, enter the system disk management for allocation.
    GPT partition
    FIG. 7: You can create a new partition here without allocating space. You can also create
    win7 home tips after the system installation is completed. It is the most basic method. The advantage is that the operation is simple and intuitive. The disadvantage is that the command is not easy to remember, and the hard disk data cannot be retained. Therefore, before the operation, the data used by the use must be confirmed that the data can be deleted to avoid regrets. System download:

  2. 1. Use Win7 discs or U disk guidance to enter the system installation interface.
    2. Press Shift F10 to open the command prompt.
    3. Enter "DiskPart" (without input quotation marks, the same below), and press Enter to enter the operating interface
    4. Input: "list disk", check the disk information. Pay attention to the disk capacity to choose. The DISK 0 of the 465G in the figure is the hard disk, and the 3852M DISK 1 is used in the U disk installed by Win7.
    5. Input: "Select Disk 0", select DISK 0 to the disk of the current operation
    6. Input: "Clean", clear the current disk partition.
    7. Input: "Convert GPT", converted to GPT partition.
    8. The operation is completed, and the command prompt window is closed.

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