Why did Taobao coins be removed from time to time? Thank you

Have you ever happened? Several times! What is the situation?

2 thoughts on “Why did Taobao coins be removed from time to time? Thank you”

  1. A total of about 400 copies, and hundreds of thousands of users across the country were glowing in less than a second. Of course, it is not excluded that the merchant is dishonestly dismissed by themselves. Although Taobao does not agree, because I remember that this kind of activity had to be prepared for the acceptance of the activity before the start of this activity.

  2. Brothers and sisters, when defending our rights, we can't let them deceive us with Taobao. I have passed the site of the black -hearted merchant store they colluded with each other. Everyone goes in to attack a few words. Normally, let him see that our net name is also powerful, not the object of their casual fun. Store: MyLSA Aisa myEelsa.taobao/?asker=wangqqwwdialog=tbdasale

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