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  1. Online gambling runs to earn commission criminals. Knowing that others have implemented gambling criminal activities, and directly help them with funds, computer networks, communications, and expense settlement, etc., the co -theory of gambling crimes. The gambling crime is used for bets, the money for chips, and the types of objects won by gambling are gambling. Those who implement gambling crimes through the computer network, the amount of gambling funds can be determined according to the amount of points that are bet or won on the computer network. Gambling funds shall be recovered in accordance with the law. Gambling tools, gambling illegal income, and all gambling criminals are specially used for gambling funds, transportation tools, communication tools, etc., and shall be confiscated according to law.
    "Criminal Law of the People's Republic of China" Article 303 [Gambling crime; crime of opening a casino, organizing participation in the country (border) gambling crime] For the purpose of profit, gathered gambling or gambling as a industry, three or three, and three are in three. Bezen in prison, detention or control, and punishment. If a casino is opened, it will be sentenced to imprisonment, detention or control, and fines for less than five years; if the circumstances are serious, it will be imprisoned for five years and less than ten years, and a fine. Organize the people of the People's Republic of China to participate in the country (border) and gambling outside the country. If there is a huge amount or other serious circumstances, it shall be punished in accordance with the provisions of the previous paragraph.

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