1 thought on “What type of online gambling to receive commission metals”

  1. The specifics are as follows:
    (1) The actor's account setting on the gambling website is set to have a lower level account. That is, the actor holds an agent account. The accounts on the gambling website held by the actor can be authorized to use the sub -account to authorize and bet on other personnel. According to the "Opinions", this situation should be identified as "acting as an agent for gambling websites." The qualitative cases of this type of case are not controversial in the judicial practice and the Fa.
    (2) The performer holds a member account of the gambling website [ii] and accepts the betting of others. The qualitative of such circumstances is the most different in judicial practice. There are generally two behaviors that the perpetrators use their membership accounts: one is to collect gambling funds from people without membership, and bet on the gambling website through the member account they hold; The account is provided to others, and others directly use the membership account to bet on the gambling website. For these two behaviors, not only the two prosecutors and France have different differences, that is, the same procuratorate or the same court due to the difference in the organizer, and there are also differences in the qualitative of the behavior. Most courts in this type of case believe that it belongs to the gambling website agent and then punish the crime of opening a casino. A small number of courts believe that the membership account held by the actor of this type cannot be set up as a gambling website agent because it cannot be set up. The act of betting should be evaluated as a gambling crime of gambling.
    (3) The perpetrator does not have an account of the gambling website, but accepts the recruitment of others to take notes for it and make a profit from it. Such situations mostly appear in criminal cases using Liuhecai lottery information for online gambling. Such actors are generally called group leaders. The main behavior of such group leaders is to collect betting offline. Some people in judicial practice believe that although the perpetrator does not have an account on the gambling website, it has an interesting contact with the gambling website agent, so it should also be identified as an agent of the perpetrator. Some think that the standard for whether this type of behavior is identified as a network of casino crimes on the Internet is whether the actor knows the existence of the gambling website. It is determined to be a gambling crime of gambling.
    (4) The actor hired to promote the promotion of gambling websites, and send a link to the gambling website to develop members to participate in gambling websites to participate in gambling. This type of performer holds the account of the gambling website, but the account is not used to bet, but is used to distinguish and calculate the number of effective members developed by various actors. bonus. In the judicial practice of City P, the crime of opening a casino for such acts is also identified as agent.
    (5) Purchase or renting gambling websites as a platform to gamble against the person who bet on the website. This type of actor generally recruit multi -person as an agent for gambling websites, and jointly develops gambling personnel to bet on the gambling website to bet gambling. In the judicial practice of City P, the behavior of the actor's purchase or renting the gambling website to organize gambling activities and accept betting is also identified as an agent -type casino.

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