2 thoughts on “Is HCT digital currency a MLM coin?”

  1. Digital currencies and MLM are basically incompatible. Digital currency is a new thing, which is essentially a program written. MLM has a long history and is a model. But the current digital currency is a bit like a Ponzi scheme, so I want to consider it clearly. Whether it is a MLM depends on behavior. 1. Pay a certain fee as an entry fee, whether it is paying or spending money to buy products as the condition. 2. The most basic is that the benefits mainly come from the head of the person, not the sales product. 3. It is necessary to develop the offline of level 3 or more to count the MLM, and you can eat the income of offline, you can also eat the income of offline offline, you can also eat the offline offline. You can still get offline. Subtoximination. 4. Finally develop into a pyramid mode. 5. Then set up a fifth -level and three -level system, so as to be more than one million, less than one million less than one million yuan. So you compare this model first.

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