1 thought on “How can WeChat account be inherited?”

  1. WeChat accounts can be inherited if they belong to the legacy range. Heritage mainly refers to the personal legal property left by citizens when the death of citizens, mainly including: citizen's income, citizen's houses, savings and daily necessities, citizens' forests, livestock and poultry, cultural relics, library materials, and laws allow citizens to produce all production Data and so on.
    [Legal basis]
    "Civil Code" Article 1,22
    The legitimate property left by natural persons when the death of natural persons.
    If in accordance with the law or the inheritance of inheritance according to its nature, not inherited.
    Article 1060
    The following property is the personal property of the husband and wife:
    (1) the pre -marital property of one party; Compensation or compensation;
    (3) The property of only one party in the will or a gift contract;
    (4) The dedicated daily necessities for one party; Essence

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