1 thought on “Is it illegal to register an account with a virtual mobile phone number?”

  1. Legal analysis: illegal. Now solving the mobile phone card must be solved with an ID card. The real -name system of telephone is when users solve fixed telephones, mobile phone, broadband business, wireless access card access, transfer, transfer, etc., they should provide real identity information, and register with their own names, products, brands and other text logos! Intersection Unreal -name cards are no longer available. Now the country is limited. Unreal -name cards cannot be activated. The mobile phone number must be real -name to activate. According to relevant national limits, the real -name registration starts on September 1, 2015. In order to regulate the real identity information registration activities of the phone user and protect the legitimate rights and interests of the phone users, new users are signing a fixed phone, mobile phone (including wireless Internet card), etc. During the agreement, and when the online old users confirm the increase of service types, telecom operators need to register the real identity information provided by the user in truth. In addition, the mobile phone card bought in non -authorized channels will not be registered and used in real name. At the same time, the so -called "exemption of real -name identification" mobile phone card claimed by some merchants in the market is likely to be sold after the illegal registration of other people's identity information, which may lead to normal and other legal risks.
    The legal basis: Article 253 of the Criminal Law of the People's Republic of China that violates the relevant national regulations and sells it to others or provides personal information of citizens. Single fines; the circumstances are particularly serious, punished for three years and seven years, and fined fines. In violation of relevant state regulations, if you will be sold or provided to others in the performance of the duties or provided the service, it will be sold or provided to others. Those who stole or obtain personal information in other methods shall be punished in accordance with the provisions of paragraphs. For the first three crimes of the unit, the unit is punished and the person in charge and other direct responsible persons who are directly responsible for them shall be punished in accordance with the provisions of each paragraph.

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