5 thoughts on “What is the difference between Tenpay and QQ wallets?”

  1. QQ wallet is equivalent to Alipay Wallet Payment Payment, which is equivalent to Alipay
    Wallets are your QQ account. You can see your Q coin account balance, Tenpay account balance, Tenpay Tongtong is difficult to explain than teaching, that is, you will take it The money on the bank card is charged to Tenpay to buy online.

  2. The difference is quite large. In fact, Tenpay is actually a third -party payment platform. QQ wallet is a payment function integrated on QQ. Whether it is WeChat payment or QQ wallet, their functional implementation is based on Tenpay. In simple terms, WeChat payment and QQ wallet are front -end products, and Tenpay is the platform support behind them

  3. Tenpay is a professional online payment platform in September 2005 in Tenpay. Its core business is to help the two parties to the Internet complete the payment and receipt. Essence Like Alipay.
    qq wallet is the QQ coin on your QQ account. There is a essential difference between the two. One is virtual currency and the other is online banking.
    It to open and use Tenpay needs to pay attention to

    Ti deprivation only supports the QQ credit card of ICBC, Agricultural Bank, Everbright Bank, Bank of Communications and Industrial Bank. The following is a detailed information:
    The Industrial and Commercial Bank of China
    1, U shield customer: The single limit and the daily limit are the overdraft limit of the credit card itself.
    2, Counter registration Static password Customer: The total accumulated limit is 300 yuan or the limit of the credit card itself is low.
    3, electronic bank port order card customer:
    (1) mobile phone SMS authentication has been opened: a single limit is 2000 yuan, the daily limit is 5,000 yuan;
    (2) The mobile phone SMS certification is not opened: The single limit is 500 yuan, and the daily limit is 1,000 yuan.
    The Agricultural Bank of China
    1, credit card (credit card): support;
    2, quasi -loan card: dynamic password card and mobile certificate, dynamic password card limit is 1,000 yuan The daily limit is 3,000 yuan, and there is no limit on the mobile certificate.

  4. Reference materials: Baidu knows
    qq wallets to use the account system and payment password of the PC QQ wallet payment. Users can use Q coins and Tenpay accounts to pass the currency, or mobile payment by binding bank cards and credit cards. By using the account system, you can meet the multi -scenes and end -end communication and payment needs of QQ users. At present, users can recharge, purchase for mobile phones through QQ wallets, buy movie tickets or QQ members, QQ reading, games, etc.
    WeChat is also the Tenpay's
    , but Tenpay is the independent account
    two are the two vests on the two mobile phones of Tenpay

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