WeChat wealth management holders died unexpectedly, how do relatives inherit their inheritance

I don't know the specific account, password and other information, only know the phone number and the WeChat wealth management passage

4 thoughts on “WeChat wealth management holders died unexpectedly, how do relatives inherit their inheritance”

  1. If you die accidentally, the personal account part of the endowment insurance can be inherited by the legal heirs and can be proposed at one time.
    The medical insurance can only be put forward in cash part of the card's personal account, and the medical card insurance office must be recovered or frozen.
    Itta's participation in the social overall planning part cannot be proposed. It can be enjoyed when retirement. Social insurance such as pension medicine is essentially different from public welfare insurance and commercial insurance. Commercial insurance reflects the interests of the insured and insurance companies, while social insurance embodies are insureds and the entire society. Relationship. As long as you meet the conditions of enjoyment, everyone can enjoy it. However, if you die early or accidentally die, you cannot have unexpected compensation like commercial insurance. You must not be divided into equal numbers. The longer you live, the more you enjoy.

  2. First of all, we must investigate the status of property to prove the existence of the inheritance, and then allocate normally

  3. The bank can be taken out regularly! I urgently need to be taken out of the fund I bought! This makes me fatal, my blood is flowing bit by bit

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