Why does the Daming dynasty have a low ratings, because the conversation is too fierce and too much

2 thoughts on “Why does the Daming dynasty have a low ratings, because the conversation is too fierce and too much”

  1. The Daming dynasty was a good drama, but the ratings were very low at the beginning of the broadcast, so there was no large -scale play. Because the struggle of power makes many people don't understand, there is no absolute difference between good and evil, not everyone is sensitive to complex interpersonal relationships, and not everyone wants to know the world.

    The director of the director Zhang Li expected this problem at the beginning of the broadcast. "A drama, if the housewives and old ladies are chased and loved, then it is not what I want to shoot "This drama is a fictional plot written the various social contradictions and official corruption during the Jiajing period of the Ming Dynasty, and the conversation is too fierce, which makes people unable to fight.

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