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  1. In the electronic transaction of the securities market, the word of a single word is equivalent to the commission, that is, investors decide to buy and sell the instructions issued to the trading system by telephone, computer and other forms. Hanging order instructions were valid on the day, and customers can also actively revoke the unprepared instructions before the transaction.

  2. Pay content for time limit to check for freenAnswer Hello! Baidu platform cooperation lawyer answers younThe meaning of "hanging orders" in the securities trading market is the same as commission, that is, when investors decide to buy and sell stocks, they can send instructions to trading systems through telephone or computer. It is the highest price on the day, and the highest price can be sold on the day; if the opening price is the lowest price on the day, the minimum price can be bought. However, once the order is hung, the order can be withdrawn until the opening, otherwise the withdrawal order will be invalid.nHanging -order transaction is a transaction request, which is the first step in the transaction. There are buying orders and selling orders. The purchase order includes the bid for buying and the specific number of hopes to buy; the selling order includes the asking price of the selling and the specific number of the number of hopes to be sold. Both buying and selling orders will be arranged in an orderly arrangement according to the principles of prices and time priority, making the best price at a glance. Hanging trading transaction refers to the designated transaction currency, amount, and transaction target price by the customer. Once the quotation reaches or is better than the price specified by the customer, that is, the instruction of the customer, the transaction is completed, and the transaction price is the real -time offer of our bank. The exchanges of the single transaction should be better than the real -time exchange rate of our bank, otherwise, the instant exchange rate is sold. Hanging order transaction instructions were valid on the day. Before the transaction, customers can also take the initiative to cancel the unprooped instructions. After the customer conducts the transaction of the hanging order, the amount of the ordering transaction is immediately frozen. The amount cannot be used for payment or other purposes during the trading day, unless the transaction is canceled. Hanging transaction time refers to the valid time of the trading of the order. During the valid time, the inventory of the inventory corresponding to the order must be ensured in order to be delivered immediately after the order is transaction.nThank you for your consultation and wish you a happy lifenMore 2nBleak

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