5 thoughts on “Dog coins have risen 200 times in nearly six months, is it fired?”

  1. Recently, a news that "dog coins have risen 200 times in nearly six months" have aroused heated discussion among netizens and have been enthusiastic on the Internet. With the development of society, there are many cash things now. In recent days, the most famous is the virtual currency. What about the previous Bitcoin? It has risen to more than 33, and in addition to Bitcoin, there are also currencies such as Ethereum, which is also in full swing, which has made many people realize financial freedom and earn a lot of money. Recently, there is news that the dog coin has skyrocketed 200 times in 6 months. So is this caused by hype? Let's find out.
    . The wave of virtual currency
    Recently, the exposure of virtual currencies is very high, and it is searching on the hot list almost every day. The sound of virtual currencies can make money to everyone's ears, and more and more off -site funds enter the market to start participating in the hype of virtual currency. And Soros’s "anti -body theory" should be explained this phenomenon. The funds on the venue make money, attract funds outside the field to enter the market, and then continue to make money. It's right.
    . Musk
    The second is a person who is very influential to the virtual currency, which is Musk, Musk, and a speculator of the virtual currency. The remarks on Twitter about the optimistic about virtual currency are also stimulating people to buy over and over again.
    . Summary
    So to summarize, the virtual currency is speculated, and it is very pure hype. It is estimated that no one is doing so -called value investment?
    The above is my opinion on this issue. It is purely a personal point of view. It is for reference only. Everyone can leave a message in the comment area. Let's discuss it together.

  2. It was fired. Many investors and industry bosses see that Bitcoin does not have much oil and water, so it is easy to use funds and connections to start big fried dog coins, and constantly starts to bless, making the market value of dog coins continuously expand.

  3. No, because the dog coins are really valuable, and many people like it very much, so the price of dog coins has increased significantly at 6 months.

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