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  1. 1. The C2C business platform is to provide a online trading platform for buyers and sellers, so that the seller can actively provide commodity online auction, and the buyer can choose the product for bidding.
    2, C2C refers to the interactive trading behavior between consumers and consumers, which are changeable.
    3, bidding auction has become one of the most efficient ways to determine the price of rare objects. For example, antiques, celebrities, rare stamps ... As long as the demand surface is greater than the items of the supply surface, you can use the auction mode to determine the best market price Essence
    4, C2C bidding website, bidding items are diverse and unlimited. Commodity providers can be children next door, or top multinational enterprises. Essence And C2C is not limited to the transactions of items and currencies. In this virtual website, buyers and sellers can choose to use objects or human resources to exchange goods.
    The expansion information
    The e -commerce is the most mature and promising commercial application in my country's Internet. According to the different terminal transaction objects, it can be roughly divided into three categories: commercial institutions, consumers and governments. Among them Individuals (C2C) two categories.
    It this report predicts that C2C will become the "main force" of the personal e -commerce market. In 2011, the B2C market size will reach 13.6 billion yuan, and the scale of the C2C market will reach 2013 billion yuan, nearly 15 times the former.
    In addition, the growth rate of the C2C market will also be far faster than the B2C market. The report predicts that from 2003 to 2011, the average annual compound growth rate of the B2C market size is expected to reach 48.63%, while the average annual compound growth rate of the C2C market size can reach 92.9%in the same period.
    Analysts believe that the development of C2C is faster than the overall law of e -commerce. At present, most C2C websites adopt "free model" to attract buyers and sellers to participate, which is greatly attractive to SMEs. Therefore, the number of online store opening and the number of products for online shopping have grown rapidly in a short period of time.
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  2. The C2C e -commerce model is very simple, that is, everyone will open a shop on a platform, just like farmers go to the market to sell vegetables. The platform is the vegetable market

  3. 1. C2C e -commerce model provides information exchange platforms for online transactions for buyers and sellers;
    2. Provide a series of supporting services for online transactions for buyers and sellers; n4, the product information is large, and the quality of the product is uneven;
    5, the number of transactions is large, but the turnover of each transaction is small.

  4. C 2 C Personal to individuals, such as individual merchants above Taobao,

    The problems faced by China Development C2C model

    1, outstanding integrity issues

    The largest C2C website in the United States says that a fraud case will occur every 25,000.

    2, the second -hand items are poor

    The second -hand goods or second -hand goods are not available

    3, the payment method is single

    B2C is only less than 20%of online payment, and domestic credit cards have not yet been popularized.

    4. Logistics

    The logistics costs are high, or preferred to the same city transaction

    5, the legal and policy environment needs to be improved to improve

  5. C2C is the trading model of consumers to consumers, which is characterized by the flea market in the real business world. Its constituent elements, in addition to the buyers and sellers, also include electronic trading platform suppliers, which are similar to the flea market venue providers and administrators in reality.
    The buyer, seller, electronic trading platform provider, the three are interdependent and inseparable, which together constitute the basic elements of the C2C e -commerce model.
    It simply from the C2C model itself, as long as the buyers and sellers can trade, there is a possibility of profit, and this model can continue to exist and develop; however, this premise is Otherwise, this model will lose the foundation of development.

    . Therefore, we analyze the C2C mode and should pay more attention to the profit model and capabilities of the electronic trading platform supplier. This is the focus of the C2C model and an important feature of the C2C mode different from other modes.

    ebay, Yi Qun, Taobao, etc. are all such electronic trading platform suppliers.

    Conversely, the electronic trading platform provider also depends on the buyers and sellers of C2C. The source of profits of platform providers is nothing more than advertising, commission, membership fee, service fee, and profit of financial services. Among them, the main profits come from buyers and sellers, that is, consumers who purchase platform providers. Taking eBay as an example, its advertising revenue only accounts for 5%of the total income, and the remaining profits are mostly generated in the process of commodity transactions.

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