1 thought on “How to brush fish coins in micro -music fishing”

  1. The multiplier model is the most important and easiest way to get gold coins in fishing. As long as you master the techniques of fishing, it is not difficult to get gold coins. In fishing, the task of the game is also one of the ways to quickly obtain gold coins. Whether it is daily tasks or weekly tasks or main line tasks. As long as the task requirements are reached, you can get a rich gold coin reward, and in the game, the difficulty of various tasks will not be too difficult, so you can get a lot of gold coins every day. When players break through the plot mode where the fishing comes, the game will have a goal to go to the sea for players to achieve.
    When the goal is perfectly achieved, the level can get Samsung's evaluation. When the total number of stars of the player reaches a certain amount, you can open the star -rated treasure chest in the plot mode. Gold coins are waiting for players. Similar to the game task.
    Mou can get rich gold coin rewards as long as the requirements specified in the game activity. However, game activities are sometimes limited. When the event comes out, you should complete various activities as soon as possible. Otherwise, when the event is over, you will miss the opportunity to get gold coins.
    , like all games, in fishing, gold coins can also be obtained by spending diamonds. 1 diamond can buy 100 gold coins. However, it is not cost -effective to buy gold coins with diamonds. Diamonds should be used to buy some scarce items, not gold coins. Therefore, if it is not a gold player, it is not recommended to buy gold coins with diamonds.

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