500 million arrears have been paid off? Can Xiaohuang Car "Nirvana Rebirth"? Official response

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  1. In recent years, the sharing industry has risen rapidly. From shared bicycles to shared umbrellas, it is now to the shared charging treasure. It can be said that people's lives are getting more and more convenient, but everything is a double -edged sword. For shared business, the most remembered by users is ofo Xiaolong car.

    A veteran -level enterprises for shared bicycles, ofo's beginning is very brilliant. Not only has nearly 10 million revenue per month, but also through its own structure optimization, the salary and operation of the personnel will be optimized by their own structure. The costs are controlled within 1 million per month. In this way, the small yellow car in the glorious period can make a monthly profit of millions. The advantage of the small yellow car is also cheap and large. But suddenly one day, the deposit of users in the small yellow car could not be collected.

    The amount from 99 yuan to 199 yuan, but in addition to the user's deposit amount, the small yellow car also owes Ant Financial 500 million yuan in debt, and there are Tmall’s The loan was about 1.266 billion yuan. Coupled with more than 10 million users who are still lined up, even if they are equivalent to 30 million yuan, ofo needs at least 2.1 billion yuan to pay off all the arrears.

    . Many ofo users say: It is difficult to find a small yellow car on the street. The new attempt is to park in accordance with the rules now, otherwise a fine of 20 yuan vehicle management is 20 yuan vehicle management Is it expensive?

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