1 thought on “Is Wang Sicong really sending sports cars to T-ara members?”

  1. The "Banana Plan" established by Wang Sicong some time ago has signed the Korean women's group T-ARA, everyone knows. However, in recent days, T-ara fell into the center of public opinion. The reason was that a program in South Korea broke the news that Wang Sicong had paid 9 billion won of liquidated damages to the original brokerage company of T-Ara and gave it to T-ara members. Sports cars attracted the attention of Korean netizens. The members who felt wronged found Wang Sicong's testimony, but Wang Sicong just clarified the relationship for himself, without a positive response!
    T-ara is a women's idol group established in South Korea. The combination is in 2009 When he was born in the year, he was not only stood firmly in South Korea, but even went abroad, and gained a certain popularity in Japan and China. And signed a contract with the Banana Plan Culture Development Co., Ltd. in China, and became an artist of Wang Sicong. On January 3 this month, the contract between T-Ara and the former South Korean brokerage company expired and officially terminated the contract, but the combination was not scattered.
    and recently, there are programs in South Korea that T-ara will be treated extravagant after signing Wang Sicong. Wang Sicong not only paid T-Ara's original economic company of 9 billion won, but also gave it to T-ara members to send them alone. A sports car is generous. However, this incident also caused a lot of trouble to the members of the T-ara, so he asked Wang Sicong, hoping that he could understand, after all, no matter what, now the T-ara is still an artist under the banana plan.
    , Wang Sicong did not make a positive response in the face of T-ara's help, but just said it was your and MBK, don't involve me. Although this statement is suspected of evading responsibility, it is also the best choice for Ming Zhe to protect himself. After all, one thing in the entertainment industry may take out a stall and bad things. Wang Sicong's response can be considered as a back road for himself. Of course, the personality of President Wang may also be simply not interested in this matter, so he responded casually.

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