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  1. Private Equity Fund: Huaxia Fund, Yifangda Fund, Wells Fund, Boshi Fund, Huitianfu Fund
    1, Huaxia Fund: Huaxia Fund is one of the national fund management companies established by the China Securities Regulatory Commission. Its company is known for its professional, rigorous, diversified, comprehensive, and omnipotent.
    2, Yifangda Fund: The total asset management scale of Yifangda Fund Management Co., Ltd., the scale of public fund assets, non -monetary fund management scale, social security and corporate annuity management scale are all at the forefront. It can be said that the comprehensive strength is very strong.
    3, Fargo Fund: Wells Fund Fund has the oldest bank from Canada and the longest history of the country, Montreal, Canada, and becomes the first foreign fund management company in China to participate in the top ten funds in China. Essence
    4, Boshi Fund: Boshi Fund's investment philosophy is "the discoverer of investment value", always adheres to the value investment concept, "buy cheap things in the market, buy value underestimated things."
    5, Hui, Huihui Tianfu Fund: Huitianfu Fund is a high -starting point, internationalization, and vibrant fund company. It pursues the "upright, passionate, team, customer first, gratitude" company culture, and is committed to becoming a high -quality "happy fund".
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  2. The purchase process of private equity funds:

    Step 1: comprehensively understand the nature and operation style of private equity funds. At the same time, we must also understand the management team of this private equity fund and understand the basic situation of private equity funds. Related contracts and instructions, signed the contract after confirming that there is no objection.

    It Step 2: After signing the contract, go to the bank for remittance. When remittance, you need to fill in the other party's account name remittance amount. At the same time, you need to prepare some identity documents when remittance, such as the original ID card, the original remittance account, and so on. After completion, you need to sign and confirm it.

    Step 3: After confirmation, you need to finally confirm the addition of private equity. About ten working days at the end of private equity subscription, subscribers of private equity funds will receive various documents such as the completion of the trust company and the addition of confirmation letters. After receiving these documents, the purchase of private equity funds is completed.

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  3. Pay content for time limit to check for freenAnswer Hello, China Top Ten Private Equity Fund Company: 1. China Jinhui Fund Shanghai Zhonghui Jin Investment Group Co., Ltd. registered in 2009, with a registered capital of 337 million yuan. The financial elites of more than the year jointly formed the headquarters in Shanghai, China, and is a comprehensive financial holding group company integrating equity investment, entrepreneurial investment, securities investment, targeted issuance, and financial derivative development and application. 2. Huaxia Fund Huaxia Fund Management Co., Ltd. was established on April 9, 1998. It is one of the first national fund management companies established by the China Securities Regulatory Commission. The company is headquartered in Beijing, with branches in Beijing, Shanghai, Qingdao, Nanjing, Hangzhou, Guangzhou, Shenzhen and Chengdu, and a subsidiary in Hong Kong and Shenzhen. Based on professional and rigorous investment research, the company provides investors with high -quality investment wealth management products and services.n3. Boshi Fund Boshi Fund Management Co., Ltd. (English name:., LTD.), Established on July 13, 1998, is one of the first five fund management companies established in Mainland China. The registered capital of RMB 100 million (about 12 million US dollars) is headquartered in Shenzhen, with branches in Beijing and Shanghai. 4. Castrol Fund Castrol Fund was established in March 1999. It is one of the earliest 10 fund management companies in China. It was selected as the first batch of investment managers in the country at the end of 2002. In June 2005, Deutsche Asset Management Company participated in Castrol, making Castas one of the largest domestic joint venture funds in China. In August 2005, Castrol was selected as the first batch of annuity investment managers.n5. Guangfa Fund Guangfa Fund Management Co., Ltd. was established on August 5, 2003. The headquarters is located in Guangzhou. The company's registered capital is 120 million yuan. Guangfa Fund Management Co., Ltd. has a strong resource advantage, rigorous and scientific management system, high -quality talent team, adheres to the "simple, transparent, pragmatic, and efficient" business philosophy, and is committed to becoming a brand prominent, good reputation, and distinctive fund management The company seek long -term stable benefits for investors.n6. China Post Entrepreneurship Fund China Postal Entrepreneurship Fund Management Co., Ltd. opened on May 19, 2006. It was jointly invested and established by the first Securities Co., Ltd., State Post Office, Beijing Changan Investment Co., Ltd., and Zhongtai Credit Guarantee Co., Ltd. The equity investment ratio is 28%of the first securities Co., Ltd., 24%of the State Post Office, 24%of Beijing Changan Investment Co., Ltd., and 24%of Zhongtai Credit Guarantee Co., Ltd. The company's registered capital is 100 million yuan, and the registered place is Beijing. 7. Dacheng Fund Dacheng Fund was established on April 12, 1999. It is RMB 200 million in capital. It is one of the first batch of old fund management companies approved by China. The company's headquarters is located in Shenzhen, Guangdong Province. The main business is the fundraising and management of public funds. It also has specific customer asset management and QDII business qualifications. 8. Hua'an Fund Hua'an Fund Management Co., Ltd. was approved by the China Securities Regulatory Commission's Securities Regulatory Commission [1998] No. 20 in June 1998. It is one of the first domestic fund management companies with a registered capital of 150 million yuan. Shanghai Lujiazui Financial Trade Zone. The current shareholders are Shanghai Electric (Group) Corporation, Shanghai International Trust Co., Ltd., Shanghai Industrial Investment (Group) Co., Ltd., Shanghai Jinjiang International Investment Management Co., Ltd. and Guotaijun'an Investment Management Co., Ltd. 9. Southern Fund Southern Fund Management Co., Ltd. was established on March 6, 1998. It is one of the first domestic batch of three fund management companies approved by the China Securities Regulatory Commission in China. Following the launch, establishment, and management of the first domestic securities investment fund, the Southern Fund has won the first batch of national social security fund investment managers and corporate annuity fund investment managers. At present, the company's business covers public funds, national social security funds, corporate annuity funds, one -to -one financial management, and one -pair of special household financial management. The company manages 17 public offering funds, 4 national social security funds, and more than 70 corporate annuity contract customers. The company's public offering funds include 15 open funds and 2 closed funds, covering various risk returns such as stocks, bonds, capital preservation, and currency market funds. 10. Huitianfu Fund Huitianfu Fund Management Co., Ltd. is a high -starting point, internationalization, and vibrant fund company. The reputation of the group jointly launched.nMore 2nBleak

  4. Hello,
    The securities investment private equity fund ranking
    shares of private equity
    1, Chizi's heart capital investment director, Mr. Zhao Danyang; 2004 established the first sunshine private equity product of A shares, January 15, 2008 Stop Ying Cleansing. After a lapse of six years, returning to A shares. The opportunity to take a lunch with the stock god Buffett with $ 2.11 million is the first person in China to be closest to Buffett's value investment concept.
    2, Mr. Qiu Guogen, chairman of Chongyang Investment; In December 2001, Mr. Qiu Guogen founded Shanghai Chongyang Investment Co., Ltd.. As of August 2014, Chongyang Investment Management customer asset scale exceeded 13 billion yuan.
    3, Mr. Wang Yawei, general manager of Qianhe Capital; graduated from Tsinghua University in 1993. He has been the deputy general manager of the Huaxia Fund Management Company, the chairman of the Investment Decision Committee, and the Huaxia Marketing Fund and Huaxia Strategy Hybrid Fund Manager. Representative works: Sanju Environmental Protection
    4, Oriental Harbor Investment Chairman, Mr. Bin; but Mr. Bin began his securities research and investment career since 1992. He has long been committed to basic research on stocks for a long time. The combination of strategic management and risk management technology has long -term practice, and is good at grasping the internal value investment of listed companies. In March 2015, as one of the eight private equity fund managers of China, during the two sessions, they accepted the invitation of the CCTV Finance Channel "Market Analysis Room" to explain the investment investment. Concept and investment opportunities in 2015. In April 2015, he was hired by the China Securities Investment Fund Association as one of the 15 members of the Private Securities Investment Fund Professional Committee.
    5. Mr. Luo Guoqing, Chairman of the New Value Investment Commission; since May 30, 2016, he will be the deputy general manager of the number of investment department of Guangfa Fund Management Co., Ltd. The new value company has won the first Chinese Sunshine Private Equity Fund Golden Bulls, the 2009 Private Equity Fund Golden Cicada Award, and the 2009 Private Equity Fund Progress Award. It was named the 2009 Best Private Equity Fund Management Institution and the most talented investment consultant champion. The new value 2 was awarded the first Chinese private equity fund "Golden Sunshine Award" Best Private Equity Fund Fund Fund Award, the best repayment of private equity fund products in 2009, and the most popular wealth management product champion. Its new value series of products in November 2011 ranked leading in the month of November 2011 and was rated as a five -star private equity fund company by Geng's financial management.
    6, Mr. Mo Taishan, Chairman of Bodao Investment; Moya Mountain, a bachelor's degree in economics at the Renmin University of China, and the Graduate Department of the People's Bank of China. He has successively served as Deputy Director of the Fund Supervision Department of the China Securities Regulatory Commission, director of the Fund Supervision Department, Deputy General Manager, Director, General Manager, General Manager, and Senior Partner and General Manager of Shanghai Chongyang Investment Management Co., Ltd. The first batch of employees in the Chinese fund industry has won the honor of the "Chinese Fund Industry Ten Years Special Contribution Award" and "Sina 2009 Fund Fund Charma". In May 2013, he participated in the establishment of Shanghai Bodao Investment Management Co., Ltd., and is currently the chairman and chief strategist of Bodao Investment.
    7. Mr. Ge Weidong, chairman of Chaos Daoran Assets; Ge Weidong, graduated from Sichuan University, is currently the chairman of Shanghai Chaos Investment Co., Ltd., and chairman of Shanghai Chaos Daoran Asset Management Co., Ltd. Investment Decision Committee. Graduated from the Department of Economics of Sichuan University. He has been engaged in finance, securities, and commodities for 13 years, and has multiple investment experience, from 1 million to 12 billion. Ge Weidong released a Weibo in 2016.7.13 saying that men can choose men through observation of stocks. For example, those who love to chase cannot marry, flowers; they cannot marry, easy to divorce; the stop loss cannot be married, and the weakness must be exhausted; If you do T, you ca n’t marry, you ca n’t put a nerve knife at home; if you do n’t dare to chase, you do n’t marry, follow the depression for a lifetime; you ca n’t marry if you dare not copy the bottom.
    8. Suzaku Investment Executive Officer Mr. Li Huasun; 17 years of experience in securities industry, including 13 years of securities investment management experience, 11 years of investment team management experience. Investment philosophy of advocating "long -term life, long -term investment, happy work".
    9. Mr. Chang Shishan, chairman of Kangzhuang Assets; the chairman of Nanjing Shitong Asset Management Co., Ltd. Well -known private equity people have 15 years of investment experience in securities market; graduated from the Finance and Economics College of Finance and Economics of Jiangsu, a bachelor's degree in economic management. He has created a 10 -fold investment performance in 2 years. COFCO Real Estate, Tiandi Technology, Sino -Gold Gold, Tielong Logistics, Changan Automobile, Sinochem International, Tongfang Co., Ltd., Shengfang, Shuanglu Pharmaceutical and other stages have increased by more than 280%. He has been used in actual combat to the best use of the "three low buying methods" in the capital industry, "short -term scrolling compound profit, quality and excellent mid -term", and the success rate is extremely high. The sensation has caused a lot of influence. His "Under Three, All Low", "Fourth -generation Rich Stock Market" and other remarks have been confirmed by future markets. Nearly a hundred authoritative media such as Nanjing Morning Post, Securities Weekly, Jiangsu Satellite TV and other authoritative media and other authoritative media were called the founder of China's rolling compound interest and the top master of the Chinese stock market. The Sendong Asset Management Co., Ltd., which was founded is a professional asset management company established with the development of China's capital market.
    10, Mr. Shi Bo, Chairman of Shangya Investment
    Shi Bo, a master's degree in law. He is currently the chairman of Shanghai Shangya Investment Management Co., Ltd. Former Huaxia Fund Management Company Vice Director of Investment. Former deputy general manager of Shanghai Headquarters of Junan Securities Co., Ltd. and executive deputy general manager of Shanghai Shenhua Industrial Co., Ltd. He joined Huaxia Fund Management Co., Ltd. in 1999, serving as deputy director of investment, executive deputy general manager of the stock investment department, and successively served as Fund Xingke, Fund Xinghua, Huaxia Integration and Huaxia In returnive fund manager. Mr. Shi Bo has been engaged in securities investment experience in 17 years. When he left, Xinghua Fund is currently the most accumulated fund in China. Huaxia returns the fund with the largest number of dividends in China. Mr. Shi Bo was rated by Forbes Magazine as a 2006 Chinese Optical Fund Manager.

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