2 thoughts on “What is the exit of Changsha Metro Line 2 to Guojin Street?”

  1. 1. Guojin Street is currently the first central transportation hub -level subway business in Hunan. It is located in the core area of ​​the most prosperous Mayi business district in Changsha City and integrates May 1 Plaza. As Hunan’s first central transportation hub -level subway commerce, Guojin Street will become a new force in the business district of central China. 2. Guojin Street Underground Shopping Center is located in the underground space of Huangxing Road, Huangxing Road, Changsha Wuyi Plaza Metro. The total construction area is 28,000 square meters, the north-south length is 318m, and the width is 40-60m. The two floors on the north side are seamlessly linking the transfer station No. 1 and 2 of Wuyi Plaza Metro, and the south side is connected to Huangxing Road Pedestrian Street (at the gate of Siwen). One entrance. 3. It is reported that Guojin Street will mainly face the brand characteristics of “new”, “strange”, “special”, “bright”, “noise”, and “moving”. Investment. In terms of geographical location, it is not only seamlessly connected with Kowloon Warehouse, but also complementary in the layout of the product. It is popular with some brand collection stores. The entire project is divided into two floors A and B. Among them, the A -layer is unlimitedly daily life convenience block, which meets the consumption of various types of people in the city. One -stop living space of life. Floor B is a fashion brand block for fast life in the city. It is a all -weather, full customer base, and all -round business model. The introduction of pioneer fashion retail brands and fashion catering, filling new format combinations and brand structures, and open up the new vision of urban fashion. 4. In addition, Guojin Street’s “24 -hour intelligent service” uses the three major intelligent tools of O2O e -commerce walls, convenient payment systems, and APP virtual currency services to lead the practical ideas for realizing the intelligent technology business experience in the future. The German technical three -dimensional fresh air system is adopted to subvert traditional subway properties and show the “green commercial ecological neighborhood”.

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