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  1. I.
    1. Commission ratio: refers to the Taobao customer commission ratio set by Taobao sellers for the product separately.
    2, category commission ratio: refers to the proportion of commission ratios set by Taobao sellers for each category of their own stores (category categories based on Taobao background categories) (including the default system setting ratio of seller).
    3. Promotion plan: refers to the promotion plan for Taobao sellers for special settings for products, activities or Taobao customers. The seller can set up a maximum of 10 promotion plans. Each promotion plan can set the proportion of different commodities and category commissions. If Taobao promotes the seller's promotion plan, the commission is calculated according to the specific commission ratio under the promotion plan. Taobao customers can participate in multiple promotion plans at the same time, but for the same Taobao seller, Taobao customers can only participate in one promotion plan at the same time.
    4, virtual products: All products under the virtual category, including but not limited to game cards, phone bill recharge cards, etc., specifically based on Taobao virtual category.
    The basic rules of commission calculation
    All Taobao guest promotion methods are given priority to the following commission calculation of basic rules:
    1. No matter what kind of promotion method of Taobao, Taobao sellers are promoted for Taobao sellers. As a result, all the products reached in the seller's store will calculate the commission according to the seller's settings, but the virtual commodities will be calculated separately according to the agreement of these rules.
    2, Taobao guests can only promote virtual items through Taobao guests such as the recharge box, which is promoted in other ways without commission.
    3, the priority of commodity commission is higher than the category commission. That is, under the same promotional behavior, if a product already has a commodity commission ratio, the product has an applicable category commission ratio, then the product is calculated according to the proportion of commodity commissions.
    4. Except for the commodity commodity of the seller, the transactions reached by the products under all categories are calculated according to the proportion of commission proportion of the corresponding category.
    5. If the seller introduces the promotion plan and sets a special commission ratio, the transactions brought by the promotion under the promotion plan are all applicable to the commission ratio set by the seller.
    6, settlement of the whole station of the mall. When Taobao promotes the goods, shops, channels, and (or) activities of Taobao Mall, or when buyers enter the Taobao Mall by searching for promotion, all the buyers will browse all Taobao mall stores when the browser is not closed. In the next 15 days, all the transactions in the stores will calculate the commission according to the corresponding commission ratio set by the Taobao Mall sellers.
    7. Store commission refers to the proportion of commission ratio stated in the store. This commission ratio is only a reference ratio estimated by the client product and commission ratio.
    The calculation rules of commissions under each promotion method
    (1) Commodity promotion
    All the transactions of the buyer are calculated based on the commission ratio set by the seller.
    (2) Store promotion
    This from the buyer's clicks to the promotion link for 15 days. Within 15 days, the buyer's transaction in the store is calculated according to the commission ratio set by the seller.
    (3) Search and promotion
    The promotion of Taobao customer search (including but not limited to keywords, search boxes, etc.) in any way. All the transactions (except virtual products) corresponding to the corresponding store within 15 days are calculated according to the commission ratio set by the seller.
    Plip the buyer after jumping out of the Taobao guest search (such as clicking the "Taobao Homepage" or searching the product on the product details page) Click the transaction generated by the product without calculating the commission.
    (4) Channel promotion/page promotion
    The channel promotion/page promotion in any way, all calculate the commission according to the promotion form displayed on the channel page.
    (5) Other promotion methods

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