4 thoughts on “Stocks have been falling, what situation can I use my bottom?”

  1. Introduction: The profit method of the stock market is to make profit by buying at a low price and selling high prices. So as long as you can find the time, find the value of the stock or the price is the lowest, and then after buying the stock price rises, then your own profit will be more and more. Is it better to copy the bottom?
    . The market's market has improved. When the market is not good, do not continue to bottom out. Because the big market determines the direction of the entire stock market, it is difficult to find some trendy stocks in a very poor market at this time. At this time, many investors have no confidence, and their funds have withdrawn from the stock market. So if you want to copy the bottom, you must wait for the environment to improve, and then use the bottom. At this time, the investor's confidence has recovered, and more and more money will be invested in the stock market. When the stock market is active, the stock price will rise.
    . Observe the trend of rising or decline in stocks. If you want to make a bottom copy of a certain stock, you must observe the decline in its stock price rise. If the environment is very poor, a certain stock price also falls along the way, but subsequently rising a small increase, indicating that the price of this stock price has reached the bottom of the valley. People want to pull the stock price up through their own transactions and trading, and at this time they can be copied. However, if the stock price has been decreasing when the market is good, then it proves that there is a problem with the company. Be careful to investigate the background of the company first when copying the bottom.
    . There are risks to the bottom of the bottom. Many people want to make a profit, but they find that they have made a complement. Therefore, if you want to make a bottom, you still have to think about whether you are really suitable for looking for an inflection point. But if this stock still has a downward trend, then hurry up.

  2. The stock has fallen for about a week. At this time, you can use it. In fact, the stock is not bottomed. No one knows where the bottom is, so you can buy it when the net worth is low.

  3. The first is to wait until the stock market is better, and then the price of this stock has been determined, and you can find a suitable time to copy.

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