5 thoughts on “Wang Qianyuan's "Hunting Tu" is fixed, which movies have you watched Wang Qianyuan?”

  1. I can't remember it, the memory is poor
    The brief introduction of the plot of the hunting slaughter · · · · · ·
    The film tells the telecommunications fraud incident in a certain place. The story of the wisdom and brave group with the fraud group is a theater on the theme of anti -telecommunications fraud.

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  2. I have watched "Steel's Piano", "Shadow", "Breaking the Well", "Rescue Mr. I", etc. No matter what type of role, he can easily control it, and many of the movies he shot have won awards. For example, Wang Qianyuan won the 31st Chinese Film Golden Rooster Award for the best male with the movie "Save Mr. I". Supporting role, his performance in this drama can be said to be very superb. Although the actor is not very handsome, he is full of innate masculinity. For an actor Whether it is the protagonist or the supporting role, or just a dragon, this is not the most important. The important thing is how to interpret the role. I think he is very good.
    Wang Qianyuan, the actor of the actor in the entertainment industry, is still very great. This time, he made another new movie called "Hunting". It is very exciting to be released, and the theme selected by this TV series is still very attractive. It is the first domestic anti -telecommunications fraud movie or it is worth seeing. The movie "Hunting" is adapted from real events. It mainly tells the story of a police officer lurking on the China -Myanmar border, in -depth telecommunications fraud centers, and fighting with the fraud criminal group. The fixed file of fraud is a good thing for many people. After all, there are still many people around us who are scammed by telecommunications.
    The actor lineup of "Hunting" is also very powerful. In addition to Wang Qianyuan, there are Guo Xiaodong, Wang Xun, Ni Dahong, Guan Xiaotong, etc. Some outstanding actors have joined these actors. Great, I believe that with their joining, this TV series will become more exciting. I believe that after this movie is released, it can attract many audience friends. After all, this movie is also very close to our lives.

  3. The first time in the first time was very exciting, leaving me a deep impression. I am not a stranger in the second Wang Qianyuan. The plot in this movie is very vivid and touching. The third is me. The significance of the life of the campus drama, this movie is also very classic.

  4. I have seen the big characters of Wang Qianyuan, walking to the end, forgetting the village, except for violence, lobster criminal police, and new authentic battles. His acting skills have always been recognized by everyone. Everyone likes him very much.

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